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South Asian Studies

Resources for research and teaching.

Journals and Newspapers

In this context "South Asia" journals and newspapers refers to those published in South Asia or those published elsewhere whose content is primarily focused on South Asia. Many journals are still available in print only; increasingly there are many also available or even exclusively available online. 

To generate a comprehensive list of South Asia journals held by Emory libraries, click on Advanced Search in DiscoverE...

  • Enter your keywords, e.g., India*, South Asia*, Tibet*, or Pakistan* (using the asterisk wildcard to catch variants on the stem)
  • On the right under "Material Type," select "Journals"
  • Click Search
  • Click on any combination of facets from the left side to limit the search.

Print journals at Emory

Locations of print editions at Emory:

  • Print journals held by Pitts Theological Library are organized by title.
  • Recent issues of journals held by Woodruff (GENERAL) are in the Matheson Reading Room organized by title.
  • Back issues in Woodruff are usually bound and placed in the stacks by call number; some are microfilmed and stored on the first floor by Microfilm number.
  • Bound volumes more than 30 years old may be in the Storage Library but accessible within 24 hours of a request.

Finding online articles

Finding an article online: Most of the time you will probably be looking for a specific article in a journal which may or may not be a specifically South Asia journal.

If you know the journal name and the issue needed...

  • Check DiscoverE to see if Emory has either a print version or access to an electronic version. If there is more than one listing of an electronic version, there may be differences in years covered.
  • If there is a DiscoverE record indicating Online Access Available, click the Online Resources tab to see a list of providers and the years of the journal covered by each.
  • If your issue is not included there, go back and double check the coverage of other DiscoverE listings for electronic editions -- because not all electronic editions are in the EJournals Database -- or print editions, if any.
  • If you do not find your journal or the specific issue of the journal listed in DiscoverE, it may still be available in full text electronically through databases whose journal titles are not listed for technical reasons in DiscoverE.
  • If you do not find your journal online after a reasonable search, request a copy of your item via interlibrary loan.

Online news sources

Online Newspapers and other news sources

  • The major current news databases Lexis Nexis and Factiva to which we have licensed access include South Asia-related titles like the following: Business Today - New Delhi, Dataquest, Economic Times - India, Financial Express, The Hindu, Hindustan Times, India Business Intelligence, India Today, Indian Business Abstracts, Indian Express, PC Quest, Press Trust of India News Agency, The Statesman, The Times of India, Voice and Data.  See more listings for Lexis Nexis in the box below.
  • For other online news sources we have access to, see the News category in the Databases @ Emory, esp. Ethnic NewsWatch for those published for and by South Asians in the US.
  • For Atlanta, see Khabar

Journals on Buddhism

Journals on Islam

RISA Recommendations

This list is based on one initially compiled by Herman Tull, Lecturer in Sanskrit, Princeton University, November 2012, for the Religion in South Asia listserv (RISA-L).  Annotations have been added about availability at Emory.  Some may be available free online from the publisher; some, available online via Emory license (accessing via campus computer or network id); and some may have print issues at Emory or a combination of print and online issues available via Emory licenses.  Print runs may be located at the Theology Library, in Woodruff Library, or in the Storage Library.  Some journal runs are available via Microfilm.  Emory licenses online access with multiple aggregators, so sometimes online access may be available from multiple sources with or without overlaps in coverage.  These various access points will typically be listed in the "Online Resource" tab of the DiscoverE record of a Journal.  Sometimes these sources will not include the publisher itself, and the publisher may impose an "embargo" of six months or more on access to recent issues.  If Emory doesn't have the journal or specific issue you want, ILL can usually get it for you.  If you think Emory should have a subscription, contact the South Asian Studies Librarian:

Lexis Nexis newspaper coverage

Lexis Nexis Academic Universe database has over 200 journals and newspapers published in or covering South Asia.  Emphasis is on business news.  There are general news sources as well.  Here is a list compiled by South Asian Studies librarians from Lexis Nexis updates as of March, 2013.  

  • ABC Live is a weekly online news service published from the northern part of India.
  • Agriwatch:  Tracks market developments in all the major agricultural commodities.  Published in India.
  • Asian Hospital and Healthcare Management is a twice a year publication published in India that covers important issues and trends in the healthcare industry across Asia and the world.
  • Asian Journal of Management is an international journal from Raipur, India that covers managerial sciences.  It also contains articles on management theory and practice.
  • Asian Journal of Nursing Education and Research is an international journal from Raipu, India.  It covers nursing sciences.   It also contains clinical information and original research in the healthcare and nursing industry.
  • Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical Analysis is an international journal from Raipur, India that features stories and analysis studies on the development, validation and execution of pharmaceutical products. It also covers traditional Chinese medicine and provides reviews written by experts in the field on all the most recent advances in pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis.
  • Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical Research is an international journal from Raipur, India that covers pharmaceutical science and research.  It publishes original research articles, short communications and reviews on various subjects from drug discovery through clinical evaluation.
  • Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical Science is an international journal from Raipur, India covering pharmaceutical sciences.  It also contains original research articles, short communications, and review articles.
  • Asian Journal of Pharmacy and Technology is an international journal that covers science and technology in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Asian Journal of Research in Chemistry is a monthly publication from Raipur, India.  It covers analytical, inorganic, organic, biochemistry, forensic and physical-theoretical chemistry.
  • AutoX:  Is a magazine that covers the automotive industry in India.
  • Bangladesh Government News provides reports on stock exchanges, economic surveys, inflation index, banking and economic performance reviews, sector export/import trade. It also provides updates on legislation, bills, laws and other business regulations.
  • Banking Frontiers is a monthly magazine that offers B2B news about the finance sector in India.  It covers technology, security, HR, marketing, growth, expansion, risk management, compliance and tie-ups.
  • Behind India:  "Is an entertainment news website which caters to South Indian community around the world."
  • Behind Woods: "Is an English language website about Tamil cinema. It provides news about what is happening in Kollywood, as well as film reviews and music reviews."
  • Best Media Info is a business news portal published in India and covers advertising, marketing and media news.
  • BGR India is a daily portal for gadget enthusiasts. It provides breaking news, reviews and analysis on latest technology products.
  • Bharat Chronicle
  • Bharat Chronicle (Ht Media)
  • Bihar Times (India)
  • is a daily from India that provides Bollywood news, motion picture previews, features and interviews.  Movie and music reviews are also included.
  • Brands Annual:  Contains comprehensive analysis and rankings of brands in Sri Lanka.  The analyses are compiled by Brand Finance Lanka.
  • Brunch is a magazine in India covering food, fashion, shopping, travel, books, movies, health, wellness and lifestyle.
  • Bureaucracy Today
  • Business Today More
  • Columnists India/Pak
  • Commodity Online (Ht Media)
  • Computer Reseller News India is a magazine providing news on computers and technology within India.
  • Crest
  • is a daily publication from India designed for the cricket fan.  Coverage includes cricket news, cricket scores, cricket fan blogs, and world cup history.
  • Customer Research Frontiers provides articles on technology strategies used by companies for customer acquisition, customer relations, and customer satisfaction.
  • Daily news 365 (Ht Media)
  • Daily Pakistan Today is an English language newspaper published from Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad.   
  • Daily The Pak Banker is a banking and business newspaper in Pakistan. Published in Karachi, it also serves Lahore and Islamabad.
  • Daily The Post is a newspaper in Pakistan with coverage that includes Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi.
  • Daily Today’s Muslim Peshawar is a regional newspaper published from Peshawar, the provincial capital of the northwestern frontier province.
  • Dion Global Solutions Limited: "Provides insight-driven and cost-effective research and information services globally. It provides daily news based articles pertaining to various sectors such as banking, real estate, telecom and auto.  Published in India."
  • DLA AM
  • DNA
  • Early Times (India)
  • Economic Times (E-Paper Edition)
  • eGov
  • Entertainment Digest is a newswire in India covering articles from the entertainment and movie industries such as Hollywood, Bollywood and Tollywood.
  • ET Now Transcripts
  • Financial Law Reporter covers all judgments and decisions issued by higher courts regarding financial, company and corporate matters. It also includes coverage of full or brief texts of financial agreements, financial laws and regulations, lawful business practices, industrial laws, competition laws, and patent laws.  Pakistan
  • Free Press Journal is an Indian English-language daily newspaper that covers news, sports, entertainment and business in Mumbai.  It also features national and international news.
  • Garhwal Post (India)
  • Good Housekeeping (India)
  • Hard News (Ht Media)
  • Heal India:  Focuses on health and wellness.
  • is daily portal that covers news on health care, fitness, sexual health, stress management, disease, nutrition and weight loss.
  • Herald (Goa) (India)
  • Hindustan Times
  • Images Business of Beauty is a monthly magazine published from India that contains research findings, news, recent product launches, expert views and trends in the beauty industry.
  • IMAGES Franchise is a monthly magazine that provides news, statistics and analytical information on the franchising industry.  It also includes coverage on market affairs and business opportunities.
  • Imphal Free Press (India)
  • India Blooms  is a daily online news portal covering entertainment, sports, opinions, music, travel, business, leisure, education, jobs, matrimony, astrology, telephone business directory, and games.
  • India Hospitality Review is a daily news source that provides information and resources to professionals in the hospitality industry.
  • India Public Sector News
  • India Today
  • India Tourism Review is a daily publication that provides national news about the travel and tourism industry.
  • Indian Currents (Ht Media)
  • Indian Express
  • Indian Muslim Observer is a weekly news source that covers news related to Indian Muslims in the region and from around the world.
  • Indian Parliament Q&A contains written questions and answers presented to the nation in the house of the Parliament by India's key economic ministries.
  • Indian Patents News
  • Indian Ports & Infrastructure Review is a monthly magazine that covers ports and infrastructure in India.
  • "Contains the following reports: Fund track: tracks the performance of the funds; Newsbyte: tracks business development in the insurance industry; Pension and health flash: covers developments in the pension market; Business review:  monthly business figures of life insurance companies; Competition track and monthly product review:  update on life insurance products."
  • Infocera
  • Infocera: Covers science and technology, health, entertainment and sports.  Published in India.
  • Information Week India  is an online portal covering information technology (IT) news.
  • InstaBlogs
  • Intelligent Haryana News is a daily portal from the state of Haryana.  Coverage includes local news, sports business, jobs and community events.
  • IPR
  • Islamic Banking & Insurance News provides the latest industry news and reports.
  • Journal of India
  • Kashmir Images (India)
  • Kashmir Monitor (India)
  • Kashmir News Service is an online portal from the city of Jammu and Kashmir in India. Opinions and analysis are also included.
  • Kashmir Observer
  • Kashmir Times
  • Kashmir Times (india)
  • Lanka Business Report: Focuses on business and financial news in Sri Lanka.
  • Lanka Monthly Digest:  Covers business in Sri Lanka.
  • Light Reading India is an online portal covering global communications technology and providing analysis on communications services and technologies markets.
  • Living Digital (Ht Media)
  • Mail Today
  • Marwar
  • Merinews (India)
  • Microfinance Focus: Contains stories that focus on the international microfinance sector.  Published in India.
  • Mid Day (India) is a daily that covers local entertainment, fashion, real estate, and career trends.  Coverage includes but"> is not limited to Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, and Pune.
  • MINT
  • Mirror Publications
  • Nepal Business Times: Covers Nepal's commercial, business, trade, and finance activities.
  • Nepali Times is an English language weekly newspaper in Nepal. Coverage is national and international and includes analysis on politics, economics, and society.
  • New India Express
  • News Point
  • News Point: "comprehensive news coverage, business, lifestyle and feature programming and documentaries on India to the worldwide news networks."
  • NGI Knowledge Exchange
  • NGI Knowledge Exchange:  "Is a forum for forward-thinking Indians living all over the globe. The NGI (New Global Indian) media is a joint venture between US based Media and PR company iPremm Inc. and New Delhi based ICONS Media Initiative Pvt. Ltd."
  • North East Daily
  • NRI Achievers
  • Oncars India is daily portal that covers automotive news, including vehicle market reviews and a classified section for new and used vehicles.
  • Open
  • Orissa Diary (Ht Media)
  • Pakistan Columnists provides columns on politics, current affairs and economics.
  • Pakistan Company Updates covers the corporate sector. Coverage includes updates on company profiles, share transactions, new projects, annual general meetings, appointments, mergers and financial statements.
  • Pakistan Equity Research Reports provides the latest equity research on leading Pakistani companies.
  • Pakistan Law Reporter provides brief summaries and the full text of all decisions of the Supreme Court, high courts, and tribunals. The judgments include every type of case: civil, criminal, and constitutional.
  • Pakistan Tenders Info Service covers tenders that are issued by companies or the government in Pakistan.
  • Patent Circle
  • Perfect Sourcing is a monthly magazine in India that covers the apparel and textile industry.
  • Pharma Focus Asia is a twice a year publication from India that covers important issues and trends in the pharmaceutical industry across Asia and the world.
  • Pharma Leaders:  Covers the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries in India.
  • Plus Financial Reports provides equity research on leading companies and business sectors in Pakistan.
  • Plus Patent News provides updates, tracking and trending on patents, trademarks and designs filed and granted by Pakistan and other patent authorities.
  • Political & Business Daily (India)
  • Postnoon is a daily newspaper published in Hyderabad, India. Coverage is national and international and includes entertainment, sports, lifestyle, health, fashion, and business news.
  • Power Politics
  • Punjab News Line (Ht Media)
  • Research Journal of Engineering and Technology is an international journal from Raipur, India.  It provides original research in mechanical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, electronics & telecommunication engineering, computer engineering, chemical engineering, biotechnology, information technology, and architectural engineering.
  • Research Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences is an international journal that covers the arts and social sciences.  It also contains articles and reviews about linguistics, commerce, anthropology, sociology, geography, economics, history, environmental studies, business administration, home science, public health, political science, demography, cultural studies, ethnography and sociolinguistics.
  • Research Journal of Pharmaceutical Dosage Form and Technology is an international journal from Raipur, India that covers pharmaceutics, pharmacokinetics and pharmaceutical technology.  It also contains original research articles, short communications, and reviews.
  • Research Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry is an international journal from Raipur, India that covers pharmacognosy and phytochemistry.   It also contains original research articles, short communications, and reviews.
  • Research Journal of Pharmacology and Pharmacodynamics is an international journal from Raipur, India that covers pharmacology and Pharmacodynamics.  It also contains original research articles, short communications, and reviews.
  • Research Journal of Pharmacy and Technology is a monthly international pharmaceutical journal from Raipur, India.  Coverage includes original research articles, short communications, and reviews on a variety of subjects, from drug discovery through clinical evaluation.
  • Research Journal of Science and Technology is an international journal from Raipur, India that covers science and technology.  It also contains original research articles, short communications, and reviews.
  • Research Journal of Topical and Cosmetic Sciences is an international journal that covers cosmetics, toiletry and perfumery research, olfactive research, aerosol technology, analytical chemistry, and standardization of cosmetic formulation.  It also includes information on cosmetic emulsion and dispersion systems, and the theory and applications of surfactants.
  • Sarkaritel
  • Siasat Daily (India)
  • Siasat Daily: Is a daily newspaper from the South Indian city of Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. 
  • Sikkim Express
  • Sikkim Times (HT Media)
  • Skills Ahead
  • SME Channels: "Focuses on pain points of the Indian SME enterprise from the IT perspective. Its focus is on how the SMEs can be enabled with the right IT tools.  Published in India."
  • SME Times: "Collaborates with and its array of online services, directory services and facilitation of trade promotional events, to offer a comprehensive look at India's B2B marketplace.  It is an important resource for those with an interest in the Indian economy."
  • South Asian Company Newswire provides company announcements, information about amendments in company or business laws, and announcements made by chambers of commerce and industries of South Asian countries.
  • South Asian Government News covers all federal and provincial news issued by various organizations of the south Asian countries of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Burma, Afghanistan and British Indian Ocean Territory. It also covers reports issued by finance, foreign and other ministries. Coverage includes the latest financial reports, economic surveys, inflation index, banking and economy performance reviews, sector export/import trade. It also provides updates on legislation, bills, laws, and other business regulations. 
  • South East Asian News (India)
  • SP's MAI is a fortnightly magazine in India that covers news, market insights, technology updates and policy initiatives pertaining to homeland security.
  • SportzPower provides research reports, interviews, special features, and breaking news about sports in India.
  • Star of Mysore (India)
  • Steam & Boiler Review is a monthly magazine in India that covers major aspects of steam generation, conveyance and utilization of boilers, turbines and power generation, insulation and process equipment.
  • Stitch World
  •  Covers investment, mutual funds, stock market, IPO and bonds. It also focuses on Indian and international news, company announcements, and stock market updates.
  • Tadanta
  • Tech Online India is a web site in India providing technical information to electronics engineers, designers, and developers.
  • Tehelka
  • Telecom Frontline:  "Focuses on the growing telecom market in India and technology that can change the day to day life of citizens."
  • TendersInfo - Contract Awards
  • TendersInfo - Project Notices
  • Terrascape is a monthly magazine from India designed for travelers. Coverage includes articles about places, experiences, cultures, ethnicity and photography.
  • Textile Review is a monthly magazine that covers global trends and developments in the textile and apparel industry in Asia.
  • The Economic Times
  • The Frontier Post (Pakistan)
  • The LMD 50:  "Has come to be known as Sri Lanka's version of the Fortune 500. The LMD 50 is the first ranking to be published each year."
  • The News Tribe is an online news network in Pakistan covering South Asia. Coverage includes news, reports, opinions and blogs.
  • The Northlines
  • The Northlines (India)
  • The Pioneer (India)
  • The Press Trust of India
  • The Statesman - India
  • The Sunday Guardian is a weekly newspaper in India covering local news, sports, business, jobs, and community events.
  • The Times of India (TOI)
  • Times of India (Electronic Edition)
  • Today India (Ht Media)
  • & Blogs
  •  is a daily portal that provides travel, tourism, and hotel reviews in India. Coverage includes travel packages and airline information.
  • UNI (United News of India)
  • Voice of Sikkim (HT Media)
  • Web Newswire
  • Weekly Blitz: "Is the only anti-Jihadist newspaper in the Muslim world, confronting religious extremism and Jihad and promoting inter-faith harmony. Published in Bangladesh."
  • Weekly Cutting Edge is a national newspaper, published from Lahore, with staff reporters and correspondents across the country. It covers current affairs and economic issues.
  • Weekly Ibex is a magazine from Islamabad covering business and economic issues in Pakistan.
  • Zopag


BAS Journals

Here are links to actively published South Asia journals (as of 2010-2011) indexed in the Bibliography of Asian Studies as listed by SARAI.  The links embed search parameters that let you see the articles indexed for each journal with the latest issue listed first.  Note that many journals listed by SARAI are no longer actively published.

Urdu Newspapers

These represent one Emory scholar's selection of the major Urdu newspapers published in India.  Some of the websites have English versions.  A few have "epaper" options which let you see a clearer image in pdf format.

Other inventories of South Asia journals and newspapers

Other sources for journals and newspapers.  Apart from those listed here, see the boxes following this one to see a list of journals produced by scholars on the Religion in South Asia listserv; a list of newspapers covered in the Lexis Nexis database; and a list of journals indexed by the Bibliography of Asian Studies database.