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South Asian Studies

Resources for research and teaching.

The Seven Mother Goddesses (Matrikas) Flanked by Shiva-Virabhadra and Ganesha, Lord of Obstacles LACMA M.80.157; From Wikimedia Commons

Newly Acquired Titles on Hinduism at Emory

You can access a list of newly acquired titles for a given topic by searching for a key term in DiscoverE and then selecting "Newly Acquired" under the "Show only" category on the left-hand side of the screen. Select "Date-newest" under the "Sorted by:" category in order to see the most recent publications first. 

Here I searched "Hind*" to catch any related key term (Hindu, Hinduism, etc.). 

Digitized Texts

Reference Works on Hinduism

Individual works on Hinduism

Individual works on Religion