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South Asian Studies

Resources for research and teaching.


South Asia Music Resources

To find all library resources -- whether in print or on recordings -- type a search phrase like the following in DiscoverE: music* AND India. To see the list of South Asia Music CD's in the Emory collection, use one or both of the following methods.

  1. In DiscoverE to search for Indian music recordings, type: Ethnomusicology collection AW1. For Tibet, type Ethnomusicology collection AJ1.
    • To sort by title, click "Advanced Search" at the first screen, enter the search phrase, and, when the results are displayed, select Sort by "Title".
  2. In DiscoverE, click "Advanced Search" and type India (or any other country) on the first line. Go to the Material Type drop-down menu on the right of the screen. Click the down arrow; select Audio.  When results are displayed, you can filter by topic or library. Selecting the Marian K. Heilbrun Music Media library filter will generally be helpful.

If you use Library of Congress Subject Headings to search DiscoverE or other online library catalogs, here are some relevant examples:

Non-Music Audio