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Library Service Desk

New User Account

1) Click on the Fulfillment Tab.

2) Under Fulfillment and Checkout/Checkin select Manage Patron Services.

3) Click Register New User on the right-hand side.

4) Fill out the following fields:

  • First name & Last name

  • Campus: MAIN

  • User Group: Faculty, Staff, Graduate Students, Undergraduates, ARCHE/GETS, Alumni, Affiliate, Fee, Courtesy, STSPouse, etc)

    • GETS (UGA, Emory, GA Tech, Ga State)

      • Ask for institution ID & call home institution (numbers above phone) to confirm patron is in good standing

      • If NOT in good standing at home institution, we cannot setup an account for them until their standing is rectified

    • ARCHE

      • Must have signed ILU card

    • Alumni

    • StSpouse & FacSpouse

      • Check parent or spouse's account to make sure they are current -> status date under General Information tab must be current date & no blocks
      • Spouse/partner or parent must be present
    • Fee

      • Verify driver's license or photo ID.

    • Vetting Affiliate Accounts

    • Vetting Courtesy Accounts

    • Patrons to be downloaded

      • These are new patrons who are on campus with netID and employee/student ID, but have not been downloaded into Alma yet

    • Temporary students

      • These patrons are sometimes setup in advance and require updated contact info to unblock
      • If they are not setup in Alma, check department and organizations binder

      • If not in binder, forward to Jessica

    • Adjunct Faculty

      • Typically Visiting Scholars sponsored by Emory -> these are outside researchers working with a specific department or faculty menber

      • We need an email and documentation from the department/faculty member they're working with to verify, including how long they'll be doing research

  • Expiration Date: based on account type

  • Password: patron must type in password here

    • Must be eight characters long, one uppercase letter, one number

    • PIN Number: If the patron would like to change their password later, copy & paste the Primary Identifier in this field. This number will need to be entered under My Account in discoverE.

  • Patron has institutional record: NO

  • Email Type: select appropriate type

  • Email address

  • Address Type: select appropriate type

  • Street address, State, City, Postal code

  • Phone Type: select appropriate type


5) Click Update User.