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Library Service Desk

Individual Studies Rooms

Graduate Study Rooms 

Intended for eligible Laney Graduate School students that have an unmet need for research space, require frequent use of library collections, and interaction with library services, the individual studies are located on the 4th through 7th floors of the Woodruff Library. Studies include a desk, chair, and bookshelves.

Assignments are for one academic year, ending on May 31st, and are not renewable. Compliance with the Emory Community Compact For Students and acceptance of the Terms of Use agreement is required prior to occupancy.

Please view the Graduate Studies FAQ for supplemental details regarding Graduate Studies. 

Faculty Studies 

Library studies are available to faculty that may have an unmet need for research space, require frequent use of library collections and interaction with library services.

Please note, compliance with the Emory Community Compact for Faculty and Staff, and review and acceptance of the Terms of Use agreement is required prior to occupancy. 

Please view the Faculty Studies FAQ for supplemental information regarding Faculty Studies.  

Short-term Individual Study Rooms 

Short-term Individual Study Rooms are available to Emory University students that have a short-term need for private study space to support virtual meetings, interviews, testing, or other solitary, short-term work. They are reservable for a maximum of 3 hours per day and may be booked up to 14 days in advance. The study spaces are to be used by one person at a time. The rooms are private, but not soundproof. Short-term Individual Study Rooms include a desk, a chair, and bookshelves. Each room has an available power outlet.

Visit the Short-term Individual Study Room FAQ for additional information.



Open carrels are available to graduate students and undergraduate honors students requiring proximity to library collections and interaction with library services to facilitate research and scholarship activities at Emory University. 

Please note, in accordance with Emory University's campus safety guidelines, Emory Libraries requires strict safety protocols for students and staff. Please reference the Emory Community Compact For Students for additional guidance.

View the Library Carrels FAQ for supplemental information regarding library carrels.