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Georgia Tech Item Check In & Return

What is the Emory & Georgia Tech Fulfillment Network? The Fulfillment Network allows for Emory and Georgia Tech to share materials from our respective collections in the Library Service Center, and the Woodruff Library collections, with a closer integration of each other's fulfillment functionality.

A couple of important points to note:

  • The Fulfillment Network will allow us to loan items directly to patrons at each other’s institutions. When the patron places their first request at the other institution’s system, that action generates a new patron account in the other institution’s Alma . We are only sharing minimal patron information (name & email) when these accounts are created. Georgia Tech faculty, staff and students requesting in this way will be added to the “GT Patrons” user group in Emory’s Alma.

  • When receiving, checking out, and returning items from Georgia Tech collections an additional step will be required in Alma: When you select the option "Manage Patron Services," under patron identification you will see a box marked as "Find user in other institution." When you check that box, another bar opens. Click on that bar and select Georgia Tech (View images below). Then enter students account information.

Checking In Patron

Returning Georgia Tech Items


  • Woodruff Stack Tower, Music Media Stacks, and Science Commons Stacks collections will be added to the Library Service Center collections that Georgia Tech users can request and borrow. These items will loan for 120 days, with 3 renewals. Georgia Tech collections at the Library Service Center will loan to Emory Users for the same time periods.

  • Please see attached document for more Georgia Tech Fulfillment Instruction.

Georgia Tech Hold Items

Exhibit A. When receiving Georgia Tech hold items, please be aware of the Georgia Tech book indicator that is usually on the back of the book. Georgia Tech holds are not to be placed on the regular holds shelf. Instead, Georgia Tech holds are to be placed on the Georgia Tech shelf, which is next to the ILL shelf in the staff area. This is very important to maintain, so that we can easily capture Georgia Tech hold items for patrons.


Exhibit B. Please take note of the Georgia Tech Resource Request Slip that will be in each Georgia Tech item. This is another clear indicator that this item belongs on the Georgia Tech shelf, and should not be shelved on the regular holds shelf next to the LSD desk. Leave resource request slip in item, and shelve in the appropriate place.