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Library Service Desk

Place a Request

Use this function for the following requests:

Recall an item

Request an item from storage

Request a storage item for a visitor w/o an account (STOR-REQ)

Request an item from the Oxford campus

Request an item from the stacks for a faculty member

1) Search for the title in the Persistent Search box.

2) Find the title that includes the correct holding and select Request.

3) Fill out the following fields:

Request Type: Patron physical item request

Requester: Patron account

*Enter STOR-REQ for a visitor w/o an account

Pickup Library: Desired pickup library of patron


*NOTE: If an item cannot be requested due to policy, the following message will appear:

This means that the requester cannot request an item in this title due to a policy restriction. For example, you tried to request an item available in the stacks for an undergraduate student. If you are confused about whether someone should be able to request, please see a supervisor.

4) Click Submit.

Requesting Georgia Tech items from LSC

Emory patrons can now request Georgia Tech items housed in the joint Library Service Center. The Library Service Center is a remote storage facility that houses both Georgia Tech and Emory collections. All Georgia Tech items in the LSC can be requested by Emory patrons. These items will be delivered to the supervisor's desk to be placed on hold. This is the workflow:

1) Item comes to the supervisor's desk with a band on the cover flagging item as Georgia Tech item from LSC

2) Supervisor will check in item to activate hold - similar to Emory storage item

3) Item will be placed on ILL shelves on Georgia Tech shelf

4) When patron comes to pick up Georgia Tech item, check the Requests tab under their account in Alma. Georgia Tech items will not have a call number listed, but you will know it's a Georgia Tech item by the "Borrowing Resource Request" designation. Note the title of the request to find it on the Georgia Tech shelf.

5) Checkout the item to the patron.

6) When item is returned, check-in as normal and place on stacks cart. The stacks team will route back to the LSC.

Additional notes:

  • This service is not available to non-Emory patrons (alumni, fee accounts, ARCHE, etc).

  • The loan period for Georgia Tech items checked out by Emory staff and students is 120 days. Emory faculty get 1 year.

    • Emory patrons will be able to request Georgia Tech items in discoverE under the Request from Georgia Tech link in the Physical Resource tab.

    • If patrons select the pickup location as Library Service Center, they should be able to view the item directly on site.

Remove a Hold

1) Click on the Fulfillment Tab.

2) Under Fulfillment and Checkout/Checkin select Manage Patron Services.


3) Scan Patron ID or Search for Patron and click Go.

    • Type in last name, first name

    • Scan ID

    • Type in account/barcode number

4) Select the Requests tab.

5) Under the appropriate item in the list, select "...", then Cancel.

*NOTE: If item has task "Pickup from Shelf" and is for pickup at our location, remember to pull the item from the hold shelf and check it in once the hold is removed.

6) For Cancellation reason, select Patron no longer interested. OPTIONAL: Notify user.

7) Check in the item TWICE*

*For some reason, Alma will not remove the Hold Shelf status after cancelling a hold unless you check in the item two times afterwards.

Delivered Items

If anyone hands you (1) items with yellow Rush slips inside, or (2) ILL pulls with white Borrowing sheets inside:

  • Give them to the supervisor on duty to process. Do NOT shelve them until after the supervisor has activated the holds on them (the items will have hold receipts in them at that point).