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Library Service Desk

Opening the Desk


  • Pick up the cashbox at the Security Desk.
  • Unlock the cashbox and use the keys inside to open all 7 sets of drawers and cabinets marked with stickers (4 at the counter + 2 in front of the supervisor’s desk + 1 to the left of the supervisor’s desk chair).
  • Get out the 4 desensitizing bricks (one in each of the 4 front filing cabinets).
  • Turn on all 4 counter computers and the supervisor’s desk computer.
  • Unlock/log into all 4 of the front computers (the 3 counter computers + the Reference computer) and the supervisor’s desk computer:
  • press crtl + alt + delete
  • enter circcounter as the username (if necessary) and then enter the circcounter password (if you need any passwords, check the password sheet in the drawer below the cashbox)
  • Take down the “department hours/this station closed” sign if on the counter.
  • Get a Cash Count Sheet form located in the second drawer of the filing cabinet to the left of the supervisor’s desk chair.  Count the cash and the copy cards and fill out the upper left column of the Cash Count Sheet.  Tape the Cash Count Sheet to the desk, just above the cashbox drawer. Put the cashbox in the top drawer and stuff its blue bag behind it.
  • Unlock the sliding glass doors separating the desk area from the staff area. 
  • Check the the return bin next to the supervisor's desk, and remove LSD specific materials such as markers, course reserves, interlibrary loan items, and equipment returns.
  • Print out the Hold Reports.
  • Complete Expired Holds List.  Remove expired items from the Holds Shelf and check each tab (Reshelve, Send to Library, Activate Next, Send to Institution).  Place expired items on the return cart.
  • Check printer supply cabinet on Level 2. (supply check sheet is on the supervisor desktop and at the bottom of this section)
  • Check the LSD voicemail.  The message button will not illuminate when there is a message, so we need to check every morning.
    • How to check LSD voicemail

      • Dial 7-7100.

        1. Enter the department extension number (76873).

      • Then Enter the PIN (159753789), hit the # button.

      • Follow the instructions to listen to the message.

      • Write down as much information about the message as you can, including the phone number it came from, the name it came from, the name and phone number left on the message, and the content of the message.

      • When you have listened to the whole message, you may delete the message.

      • Reply to the patron’s voicemail with the contact info provided.

      • If you are unsure of how to answer or proceed with a voicemail, please forward the message to Lyndon.

      • Directions are here.  
  • Check all Visitor Material Request Forms in Supervisor drawer.  Verify that active requests have been notified of materials that have arrived, and closeout visitor material requests that have been completed. 
  • Prior to reducing the information columns on the active holds excel spreadsheet, please review the "Held For" column.  Check for any "STOR-REQ" or "MIC-REQ" items in this column, and, with the correlating Visitor Material Request Form, verify that those patrons have been contacted regarding their materials.  "STOR-REQ" and "MIC-REQ" items are ordered for our visitors who do not have accounts.  Therefore, we have to notify them that their materials are here since they are not in our system to be notified automatically.  In general, please make sure to check all Visitor Material Requests during opening procedures, which consists of verifying that each step has been completed on the form.       

Closing the Desk


  • Close room 215. Clear the tables, push in the chairs, turn off the technology at the touch pad, hang the cables on the hooks on the wall, and pick up any trash. Raise the blinds in 215. Lock the doors and turn off the lights. 
  • Check printer supply cabinet on Level 2. (supply check sheet is on the supervisor desktop computer and here)
  • Count the cash in the cash box and complete the day’s Cash Count Sheet.
  • Put any money in excess of $200 in an envelope along with the Cash Count Sheet, including checks.  Write the date, the amount of the cash deposit, the amount of the check deposit, and your initials on the front of the envelope, and put this envelope in the cash box underneath the pull out tray.
  • X out of all programs on the 4 front computers and the supervisor’s desk computer.
  • Restart all the computers (3 stand-up counter stations and the supervisor’s desk computer) by pressing crtl + alt + delete and then selecting Restart. 
  • Turn off the PC monitor at the supervisor's desk.  Leave the monitors on at the circulation desks.
  • Put the “department hours/this station closed” sign on the front counter.
  • Lock the 4 desensitizing bricks and the pencil/utility baskets in their corresponding filing cabinets.
  • Lock all other cabinets and drawers (the 4 counter filing cabinets, the 2 supply cabinets in behind of the supervisor's desk, and the gold cash cabinet to the left of the supervisor's desk chair) using the keys in the cash box, and then return the key to the cash box.
  • Lock up the cash box (spin the lock numbers so it stays shut) and put it in the blue tote bag.
  • Go into the staff space and close and lock the sliding glass doors. 
  • Clock out and grab your stuff (exit through the side door).
  • Return the cash box and any Lost and Found items to Security on your way out.