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Library Service Desk

ILL Checkouts


Username: gencirc

To Check Out an ILL Item:

  1. Retrieve ILL item from the ILL shelf in the staff area. Items are organized by patron’s last name.
    1. Troubleshooting items not on the shelf:
      1. Look on the ILL Library Use Only or ILL Still In Use shelves.
      2. Ask if the patron is picking up the item on behalf of someone else; if so, the item may be under another person's last name instead. (Try looking under the "last name" BUSREF if the person picking up the item works at the business library.)
      3. Ask to see the email notification (it may be a GA Tech item or a regular hold, or it may be from ILL at another Emory library).
      4. Contact the ILL office ( / 7-6874) or walk the patron to the ILL office for further investigation.
  2. Using the ILLiad Web Circulation site, click in the box to the left of the gray Check Out button.
  3. Remove the ILL slip and scan the barcode.
  4. Confirm that the number registered by the site matches the ILLiad TN listed on the slip.
    1. If an ILL user comes up as blocked, please do not check out the item; instead, refer them to the Interlibrary Loan office.
    2. If you accidentally scan the barcode into the Mark Returned box instead, don’t worry – proceed with steps 5 & 6 below as normal.
  5. Give the item to the patron (and, if the item has a neon orange wrap, make sure the patron understands that the item cannot leave the library).
  6. Initial and date the ILL slip and put it in the wooden container on the ILL pickup shelves (see picture).

ILL Returns

Note: Please do not accept ILL books from other Emory Libraries. Patrons must return ILL items to the same Emory Library where they picked up the item.

  1. When receiving an ILL item, ask patrons if they are done with it. If they are, kindly ask them to check the “I have finished; return to lender” box.

  1. If they have not checked the box (or are not done using the material), always place these items directly on the Item Still in Use or ILL Library Use Only shelf, without updating it in the ILLiad Web Circulation site.
  2. If the patron has checked the box and finished using the item, return it in the ILLiad Web Circulation site.
    1. Click in the box to the left of the gray Mark Returned button.
    2. Scan the barcode at the top of the white sticker on the wrap.
    3. NOTE: Please accept the return even if an unusual message is displayed in the ILLiad Web Circulation site. If the message indicates there is supposed to be more than one part and not all parts are present, please do mention that to the patron, but still accept the incomplete set anyway.
  3. Place the item on the ILL Returns shelf.

ILL Renewals

To Renew an ILL Item:

All renewal requests for ILL items must go through ILL staff and/or ILLiad ( ILL renewals cannot be granted by LSD staff or in discoverE.

ILL Proxies

A separate ILL Proxy account is required for patrons to place ILL requests on behalf of faculty. Faculty can request an ILL Proxy account by emailing and providing the proxy's name & email address.

However, ILL checkouts do not require an ILL Proxy account. Anyone may check out an ILL item on behalf of a faculty member, since there's no card-swipe portion of the ILL checkout workflow.  If someone else knows that there's an ILL item waiting for pickup, we assume that they are authorized to check it out.

Request Scan of Article or Chapter

The ILL office also manages Emory's scanning service for patrons. This service allows current Emory students, staff, and faculty to request a scan of a single chapter or article from most Emory-owned books or journal issues; the request feature is built into Library Search. Some Emory libraries only provide this service to faculty and staff, so availability may be limited.

The scanning service is also known as: Request Article or Chapter / Electronic Document Delivery / Document Delivery

Instructions for Patrons:


ILL Questions & Fines

ILL Questions and Fines

Please direct all questions regarding ILL material (renewals, fines, payments, status checks, etc.) to the ILL office. Woodruff's ILL office handles questions for Emory's Woodruff, Health Sciences, and Business libraries.


Phone: 404-727-6874

LibAnswers Username for transferring tickets: Interlibrary Loan, @Emory

Hours: Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm

Location: Behind the spiral stairs on Level 2 of the Woodruff Library (NOTE: The Level 2 staff areas are locked and inaccessible to the public. Please have full-time staff escort any patrons to the ILL office, using the staff member's authorized Emory Card to enter the staff area.)