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Library Service Desk

How long do patrons get the items?

What information should the patron bring to the Library Service Desk?

Patrons should bring the call number of the item they would like to check out.

Books generally follow the Library of Congress (LC) call number system. [RA644 .A25 C575 1999]

Books from the Oxford College campus use the Dewey Decimal call number system. [759.13 ST79F ]

Instructor copies of books are considered Temporary Course Reserves (TCR). These will have a call number with "TCR", followed by a number. (ex. TCR 25). These are copies that the instructor owns and asked us to place on Reserve for their class.

DVD's have a call number with "DVD", followed by a number. (ex. DVD 1659). The number reads like a whole number, as in "one thousand six hundred fifty-nine".

Items in the FLIP (First Generation Low Income Partnership) will have a call number that starts with "FLIP" and then has a number. (ex. FLIP 156) That number is also a whole number.





Who do we contact for help with Reserves?

Phone: (404) 727-2230


Physically: in the cube farm, between the Inter Library Loan (ILL) Department and the Stacks Department.

What collections are on Reserve?

Emory Libraries' items - LC call number system, in alphabetical order

Oxford campus items - Dewey Decimal call number system, in number order

DVD's (Media) - from the Music & Media Library on Level 4, in letter, then number order (Blu-ray's will come before DVD's)

TCR - Temporary Course Reserve [Instructor Copies] - in numerical order by whole number

FLIP - in numerical order by whole number

There's also a Permanent Course Reserves group (on the Reserves shelves, and in the back staff area on the ILL shelves). They are arranged (roughly) by OVERSIZE, FOLIO, and then regular M's and ML's---basically, by size. But they remain on Reserve each semester.

ILL/ Oversize Permanent Reserves ShelfPermanent Oversize Reserves