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Emory's LibGuide on LibGuides: Best Practices & Guidelines for Creating and Maintaining LibGuides

An internal guide for Emory Libraries.

Naming Your Guide

Consider these tips for giving a short and descriptive name for pages and content boxes.

  • Jargon: Avoid library jargon in naming pages.  Favor action words.
  • Be Specific: "Encyclopedias” or "Overviews" are more meaningful to students than “Reference Tools”.
  • Short Titles: Be succinct. Titles should clearly reflect the content of that page.
  • Use "&": Use "&" instead of "and" in titles.
  • Capitalization: Use appropriate capitalization.
  • Vagueness: Avoid vague terms like "other" or "additional resources".

Landing page (aka Home page)

  • Use descriptive terms like, “Getting Started,” "Overview" or "Start Here," if your guide walks a user through a process. 

Please DO NOT USE ASTERISKS in your title to make your guides sort to the top of the alphabetical listing.

Pending approval - adding your library (Main or Oxford) to your GUIDES's title to assist students-

With the new CMS, all guides will be tagged with the same SUBJECTs.  To avoid confusion for our library users, we suggest Oxford add the name of their library to the end of their guide's title with ().   Ex.  Art History Research Guide (Oxford).

Likewise, those of us on the main campus should add "Main" to the end of our guide's title with ().  Ex.  Art History Research Guide (Main)

Course Guides

For Course Guide Titles
  • General structure: ARTHIST xxx Title of Class (Campus)
For a course that has multiple codes: 
  • ARTHIST xxx|PSYCH xxx|SPAN xxx 
  • Use bars (|) to separate the course numbers
  • Do put one space between ARTHIST and the numbers
  • List cross listed courses in alphabetical order
  • Use “&” instead of “and” in the title
  • ARTHIST 190 The Twelve Caesars & Rome (Main)
  • ARTHIST 190|PSYCH 190|SPAN 190 The Twelve Caesars & Rome (Main)

Subject Guides


-look at subject list and read the naming tips.

-Format: "*X(subject) Research Guide"