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Emory's LibGuide on LibGuides: Best Practices & Guidelines for Creating and Maintaining LibGuides

An internal guide for Emory Libraries.

Finding Broken Search Links in LibGuides

Laura Akerman has written a very useful guide to creating new Deep Links that will replace search links in LibGuides. But how do you find the broken search links so that you can replace them? These aren't necessarily going to turn up in the Broken Links search.

From LibGuides, choose Search & Replace from the Tools menu:

Then you'll need to search for the number 8991; Laura explained to me that this port number shows up in old discoverE search links, and no new Deep Links use the number, so it's a telltale clue that points us directly at the broken search links. Here's what it should look like:

Please use the search button only, to prevent accidentally breaking additional links!

Unfortunately, there's no way I know of from the search results page to identify whose links are whose, but you can see the titles of the guides in which these links appear, so it should be pretty easy to find the links that belong to you.

Finding and Replacing Permalinks

All links to specific items in discoverE should be set up using the Books type of asset. You can find a list of all assets from the Assets tab from the Content menu:


You can easily tell which assets are books, because they're labeled and use the book icon, which looks like this: :



Limit your choice to books by filtering by the Books asset:


Then filter using your search using the Owner facet to find the links that you've created:


Open the edit window by clicking the little edit gadget to the right. It looks like this: The URL field is the sixth from the top:



In discoverE, go to the book for which you're creating the link, and on the right, choose Permalink from the Actions menu:

Copy and paste the new Alma Permalink from discoverE into the URL field in the LibGuides asset to replace the old Aleph Permalink. Then click the Save button at the bottom left of the window, and you're done with that link!