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Emory's LibGuide on LibGuides: Best Practices & Guidelines for Creating and Maintaining LibGuides

An internal guide for Emory Libraries.

Why Libcal?

In FY19, SCO piloted using LibCal for scheduling appointments: and in FY20 the RESC subject librarians will pilot this Springshare product. Because LibCal links will automatically be included on the SL pages (, all RESC SLs are required to complete set-up by Sept 12, 2019.  

LibCal Set-up

Login to

            Using the Left Hand blue button, navigate to LibCal

See 8/21/19 session notes for more detailed instructions and screenshots

From the Appointments header, click on the Availability tab to set appointment perimeters.  Ex. by clicking Mon-Fri you can set 10am-4pm to be the only options patrons can see.

Then, click on the My Settings tab to the following options:

Note: check the box for “Yes, check my calendar for busy times and hide any LibCal availability timeslots when I'm busy.”

Appointment Instructions/Description

Want to schedule a consultation with X, subject librarian for X? Complete this form to set up an appointment. If you have a quick question or are unable to find a time that suits your schedule, please email X directly at

Appointment Form Questions

You can customize the form to suit your needs and reorder at any time.  The only required fields are Name, E-mail, and Emory Affiliation.  

List of Suggested Form Fields Suggested drop-down for Emory Affiliation

  • REQUIRED: Emory Affiliation (list select whether faculty, graduate student, undergraduate, staff, etc.)
  • Topics—recommended
  • How may I help you?—recommended

Optional File Upload

Add availability to your LibCal

Patron Reminder Email

Confirmation Email to Patron

Confirmation Email to Admin (You!)