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Emory's LibGuide on LibGuides: Best Practices & Guidelines for Creating and Maintaining LibGuides

An internal guide for Emory Libraries.

Accessing Your Guide Statistics

You can check your LibGuides traffic any time you'd like. Begin by choosing Statistics in the gold navigation bar at the top of the LibGuides dashboard:

Statistics menu

Next, you'll see the statistics page. If it's not already on the Guides tab, choose that from the menu directly under the Statistics header. Under the list of groups, you'll see your guides listed above the list of all the guides in our LibGuides service. You can choose one guide at a time, or * All My Guides *:

Choose guides


The Guide Tracking - Total Views menu allows you to get the statistics you want. Choose from:

  1. All of your guides together or an individual guide by name
  2. Guides of all statuses, or just those that are published, unpublished, or private. Don't forget, if you have an unpublished or private guide that was published, you may have statistics for that guide before you changed its status!
  3. Choose from daily or monthly statistics
  4. Select the date range in which you're interested. It can be as little as one day, or a calendar year, or a fiscal year, however you'd like to view your statistics

Guides statistics selections

Next, you'll see the statistics for the date range you chose:

  1. The graph shows the guide views for the daily or monthly cycles you chose
  2. The guide name
  3. Guides are sorted by number of total views
  4. If you'd like to download an Excel file or a .csv of your statistics, click the export button and follow the instructions

Statistics report

Google Analytics

Contact Chris Pollette to access the Google Analytics statistics.

Note: Springshare did not keep statistics from the guides before we merged LibGuides in May 2019; however, Chris Pollette has the Google Analytics statistics for the past few years, which were not affected by the merger. If you have any questions, please get in touch with him for additional assistance!