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Emory FIRST Publications Guide

Emory Faculty Profiles

What is Emory FIRST?

The Emory FIRST system can be found at The vision for Emory FIRST was to establish a single source of information about faculty and their activities to support discovery and collaboration.


Faculty publication data and associated metrics for the Schools of Medicine, Nursing, Public Health, and Business are used to power summary reports and dashboards for in faculty tracking, review, and credentialing. Within the School of Medicine, Emory FIRST will be considered the authoritative source on faculty publications and related impact measures as required for annual review, promotion, and tenure.


What is the Publications Module?

The Emory FIRST Publications module is a tool which queries faculty publications data from authoritative sources such as Web of Science, Scopus, Dimensions, PubMed, CrossRef, and others. The system queries databases on a weekly basis and faculty members can more efficiently manage their publications through the Emory FIRST system.

When active the publications module appears as two titles on the profile homepage displaying the associated publication records and respective H-index for each citation-source database.


Additional modules, or profile tiles, which may or may not be displayed for each profile includes Grants, Teaching Activities, and Professional Activities.

Last Updated

This guide was last updated December 2023; Elements version 6.12