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Equipment Collections at the Robert W. Woodruff Library

The Audio/Visuals Collection at the Robert W. Woodruff Library is a pool of audio visuals equipment, readily available for the Emory community.

Borrowing Information

This equipment may be checked out for one week at a time from the Library Service Desk.

These items cannot be renewed.

Overdue fines are $10.00 per day.

Equipment Available

Borrowing Information

This equipment may be checked out for one week at a time from the Library Service Desk.

These items cannot be renewed.

Overdue fines are $10.00 per day.

Equipment Available

Digital Audio Recorders:

Marantz Digital Audio Recorder (DAR)    


This digital audio recorder (DAR) is ideal for lectures, interviews, and podcasts. In addition to its built-in microphone, it accepts XLR and 3.5 (headphone jack) microphone inputs; and, you can export your recordings into Garageband or Audacity via the USB output. This DAR works well with SM58's, PZM's or the Azden wireless microphones.  More information about the microphones we currently have available can be found in the microphones tab of this guide.

The library currently offers two models of Marantz DAR: The PMD661 MKII and the PMD661 MKIII.  The 661 MKII is an older model that comes with an 8GB SD card, and the 661 MKIII comes with a 16GB SD card.

Each Marantz bundle comes with a digital audio recorder, flash disk, power cord*, USB cable, and carrying case.  Additional microphones are available at the Library Service Desk. 

* The PMD 661 MKII model power cord has two separate pieces: power adapter and wall cable.

User Manuals:

Zoom H1 Handy Audio Recorder

This digital field recorder is ideal for recording interviews, lectures, seminars, class discussions, and podcasts. The pocket sized H1 has a 3.5mm audio (headphone jack) input with level controls, and a headphone jack with playback controls. The H1 has a great built in mic, but also works with the Azden wireless mics or the PZM tabletop mics. It can also be tripod mounted for precision location recording. Connect the H1 to your computer via USB and download your recordings as WAV files or MP3s.

Each Zoom bundle comes with an H1 Audio Recorder, AA Battery, 2GB Micro SD Card, USB Cable, and Protective Carrying Case.

User Manual:

GPS Units:

The Garmin GPS C60sx

The library currently offers Garmin GPS units for out-of-library circulation.  A great tool for any outdoor enthusiast -- it is waterproof and shockproof, gets reception indoors and under tree cover, and has a long battery life. It is often used for hiking, backpacking and geocaching, but is also handy to keep in the car for driving directions.

Each GPS bundle comes with a Garmin GPS in a protective case, a USB cable, and a carrying bag. The GPS unit operates on 2 AA alkaline or NiMH rechargeable batteries (not supplied). DO NOT use lithium batteries.  The GPS unit is not waterproof.

Circulation period: 1-week loan, no renewals

Overdue Fines: $5.00 per day

User Manual:

For technical support with our GPS units, please contact Michael Page (404.727.5705) a Geospatial Data Librarian who works with the Emory Center for Digital Scholarship (