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Judicial Clerkships Research

General Directories & Judges' Profiles

  • Almanac of the Federal Judiciary  Includes judicial profiles of every federal judge and key bankruptcy and magistrate judges.  

  • Almanac of leading lawyers. (Available at Law Library Book Stacks, 3rd and 4th Floor KF190.A444 2008).  Contains figures and statistics about select lawyers and judges.

  • American Bench: Judges of the Nation. Biennial. (KF8700.A19 A47 – Available at Law Library Book Stacks, 3rd and 4th Floor KF8700.A19 A47; latest edition behind the Reference Desk).  Includes biographical information on current state court judges and federal judges (Supreme Court, federal courts of appeals, federal district courts). Also contains information on each court, including location, jurisdiction, method of selecting judges, and maps of judicial divisions.

  • Biographical Directory of Article III Judges, 1789-present A database from the Federal Judicial Center. Includes information on nomination, education, professional career. The advanced search allows searching by field, and limiting to sitting judges.

  • JudgepediaThe Federal Courts Project covers federal judicial legislation, the United States Department of Justice, the District of Columbia, and federal judicial nominations by president. Each Wednesday, the Federal Courts Project releases the Federal Vacancy Count, a unique look at vacancies on the courts. The State Courts Project focuses on courts under state, county and local jurisdiction. This project covers courts and judges in all 50 states, in addition to judicial electionsjudicial selectiondisciplinary agenciesbudgets and judicial salaries, and more.

  • BNA's Directory of State and Federal Courts, Judges, and Clerks. Annual. (Available at Law Library Book Stacks, 3rd and 4th Floor KF8700 .A19 B15; latest edition behind Reference Desk; Also available online via Bloomberg Law).  Directory of names, addresses, and telephone numbers for judges, clerks, and court administrators at the top three levels of the court structure in the federal and state court systems. Telephone numbers for state court electronic bulletin boards and federal court public access services are listed where available. Also provides links to federal and state court web sites.

  • Court ListenerA non-profit website that contains a searchable database with information about thousands of judges from federal and state courts, including their biographical and educational background, judicial and non-judicial positions held, political affiliations, American Bar Association ratings, campaign finance data, and opinions authored.

  • Federal-State Court Directory Annual. (Law Library Reference KF8700.A19 F42))

  • Lawyer's Almanac. Annual. (Available at Law Library Book Stacks, 3rd and 4th Floor, KF190 .L3625; latest edition in Reference).  Almanac on the legal profession, judiciary, and government agencies. Includes judiciary lists with locations of every federal court and the names of all federal judges and chief justices of state supreme courts. Also includes qualifications of judges on the lower state courts, data on the selection process, and results of an annual judicial salary survey and federal litigation statistics such as civil and criminal case filings and pending case loads.

  • The directory of minority judges of the United States. (Available in Law Library Reference KF8700.A19 D57 2008).  Directory and statistical information on judges of minority racial/ethnic backgrounds.

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