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Judicial Clerkships Research


These are the "major hitters" when it comes to researching judges' information online. Remember, you will need your individual login and passwords to the respective subscription databases to access them. Please view the separate tabs for Bloomberg Analytics, Lexis Advance Litigation Profile, and Westlaw Profiler for additional details on how to navigate and conduct a search on a particular judge.

  • Bloomberg Law Litigation Analytics. Use the "People" search function for biographical profiles of current state and federal judges, as well as recent news items. Use the “Litigation Analytics” function for current U.S. District Court judges, with profiles and analysis of opinions and orders, frequently-cited opinions, and motion and appeal outcomes.
  • Lexis Advance Litigation Profile. Litigation Profile Suite (linked from the Lexis Advance drop-down research menu) includes biographical profiles of federal and state judges, as well as links to opinions, court filings, ruling history, and secondary sources.
  • Westlaw Profiler: Profiles of Attorneys & Judges. Includes more than 1,000,000 biographical profiles and reports of law firms, courts, judges, and lawyers from U.S. as well as international jurisdictions. Contains information such as Litigation History, Judicial Reversal, and Expert Challenge.
  • TracFed – requires login and password- please ask a librarian for access. Contains judges’ reports and modules, data on federal District Court judges, searchable by nature of suit and other criteria.

For additional information, check out this helpful guide created by Vermont Law School: Vermont Clerkship Guide.  For login information, please contact Rita Sheffey.

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