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Judicial Clerkships - Researching Judges Workshop - Jan. 30, 2020: Bloomberg Analytics

Blomberg Analytics

The library provided you with a Bloomberg Law postcard in your 1L Swag Bag Lunch Box during Orientation, with a unique activation code on it. If you do not have your postcard, you can still register for a student account by visiting . Follow the instructions on the screen to complete your registration and create a username and password. Then, use those credentials to log into the database. If you have issues registering for a student account, please contact Bloomberg Law for assistance.  

Once you are logged into Bloomberg Law, to access "Litigation Analytics" within Bloomberg Law, go to the Bloomberg Law Home Page --> Practice Tools (on the homepage front menu) --> Litigation Analytics. Alternatively, you can begin typing in "Litigation Analytics" into the main search box, and the tool should appear predictively. Hover over the suggested link and select it.

Your screen should now look like the following:


Select the "Judge" tab at the top right corner and enter the name of a Federal District Court judge. Remember, Bloomberg Law currently only covers caseload statistics for Federal Judges who serve in the United States District Court jurisdiction.

Once you find your judge, Bloomberg Law will display a number of statistics, including "Motion Outcomes", "Appeal Outcomes", "Length of Case" and "Appearances and Case Types". Click on the "View Analytics" link on the snapshot to reveal all of these options, plus more information regarding the judge such as "Career History", "Most Cited Court Opinions" and "In the News".