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Judicial Clerkships - Researching Judges Workshop - Jan. 30, 2020: Westlaw Profiler

Westlaw Profiler Tutorial

To access the Westlaw Profiler (now called Litigation Analytics), 

--> sign into Westlaw Edge with your username and password 

--> on the homepage, click on the "Litigation Analytics" image or "Profiler" link near the bottom of the menu



Use the search box to type in the name of the judge you are searching for, starting with the last name. Click on the 'Snapshot' option when you see it pop up.

Your Litigation Analytics page should now look similar to this:

Note the different tab options available to you: "Overview", "Dockets", "Outcomes", "Motions", "Expert Challenges", "Appeals", "References". All of these tabs will reveal more analytics pertaining to each category, but the most notable are "Outcomes" and "Motions" if you are researching about the judges' case outcome patterns. 

The "Overview" tab will give you a quick snapshot of each tab in visual graphics. On the right hand side, you will find a quick synopsis of the judge's profile. To view this information in full, you can click on the link below it that says "View More of Judge X's Profile". 


Each of the blue boxes that say "Explore..." are just shortcuts to the same tabs you see at the top. Click on them to expand the information in detail.