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Judicial Clerkships Research

Books on Judicial Clerkships

Do you want to learn more about how to apply for a judicial clerkship, what to expect from the role, how to impress your supervising judge, and how it will bring future success to your legal career?  The following guides provide detailed insight into what judicial clerkships are and what kind of opportunities they provide for law students. 

Judicial Clerkships at Emory Law

To learn more about Judicial Clerkship opportunities at Emory Law, visit Emory Law's Career Center and /or contact Assistant Dean Rita Sheffey at

Resources Available through Assistant Dean of Public Service

While you are visiting Dean Sheffey, ask her about the following resources she has available to sign out to students:

Vermont Clerkship Guide
Consider consulting this research guide created by Vermont Law Library to help you navigate clerkships. For login information, please contact Rita Sheffey.

Thinking Like a Writer: A Lawyer's Guide to Effective Writing and Editing by Stephen V. Armstrong and Timothy P. Terrell
Another highly recommended book to improve your legal writing skills (which you will need for your judicial clerkships or any other legal position).

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