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LAW 690B - Human Rights Advocacy (Prof. Ludsin, Spring 2023)

US Civil Rights Law

U.S. Department of Justice Civil Rights Division: Enforces federal statutes prohibiting discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex, disability, religion, familial status, and national origin. Find publications and reports, case summaries, and information on how to file a complaint.

U.S.Commission on Civil Rights: An independent, bipartisan federal agency that studies alleged deprivations of voting rights and alleged discrimination to inform the development of national civil rights policy. Find research reports, state advisory committee reports, congressional reports and testimony, and meeting transcripts

University of Michigan Civil Rights Litigation ClearinghouseDocuments (dockets, complaints, orders) and information from civil rights cases, both historical and recent

Getting Uncle Sam to Enforce Your Civil Rights (US Commission on Civil Rights): Information, addresses, and links on where to file a complaint with federally assisted programs (2014 revision)

Georgia Commission on Equal Opportunity: The state's agency charged with overseeing state civil rights.

Southern Center for Human Rights: Information on the organization's work in areas including the death penalty and the criminalization of poverty, with resources including handbooks.

American Civil Liberties Union: Reports and cases in which the ACLU is involved with preservation of individual rights and liberties.

Books, Treatises, and Journals:

  • Rodney A. Smolla, Federal Civil Rights Acts (Westlaw)
  • Martin A. Schwartz, Section 1983 Litigation (Federal Judicial Center publication on Hein Online and Westlaw)
  • Ivan Bodensteiner and Rosalie Levinson, State and Local Government Civil Rights Liability (Westlaw)
  • Manual on Employment Discrimination Law and Civil Rights Actions in Federal Courts (Westlaw)
  • Joseph Cook and John Sobieski, Civil Rights Actions (Lexis)
  • ABA Civil Rights Litigation (periodical) (Hein Online)
  • Study aids including Understanding Civil Rights Litigation, Section 1983 Litigation in a Nutshell, and Class Actions and Other Multi-party Litigation in a Nutshell. Find study aids on reserve at the Service Desk, and in the electronic West Study Aids Collection

US Election Law

Federal Election Commission: Federal election laws and regulations, policy statement and guidance documents, advisory opinions, pending litigation, case index of federal election law, financial disclosure reports and data.

National Association of Secretaries of State: Election information by state, surveys and reports on elections.

National Conference of State Legislatures: Research reports, news, and tables on state issues, including elections and compaigns, and redistricting and census.

NARA U.S. Voting and Election Resources: Links to resources on voting, elections, and campaign finance

U.S. Election Assistance Commission: Information on election administration and voting systems, with voter's guides and an Election Resource Library.

Brennan Center for Justice: Public policy institute with a focus on voting rights, redistricting, and campaign finance reform. Find case summaries, policy briefs, news, and a blog on election law.

Brookings Institution: Information on US Politics and Government, including on campaigns and elections.

Open Resources on elections, lobbying, and money in politics

CQ Press Voting and Elections CollectionPrimary and secondary sources, plus data, on elections, campaign finance, electoral systems, and voting

Election Law at Moritz College of Law: Major pending election law cases and litigation documents, with commentary and recent developments

CRS ReportsReports from the Congressional Research Service on Congressional administration and elections

Carter Center Democracy Program: The Carter Center's work including elections observed, publications, voting in Georgia, and US elections

Election Law Manual: An overview of state and federal election law, from the National Center for State Courts and William & Mary Law School

ProQuest Legislative Insight: Legislative history documents and compiled legislative histories, including for voting rights legislation.

Supreme Court Historical and Current Awareness Resources


Hein Online: US Supreme Court Library. Official U.S. Reports volumes 1754 (volume 1) to most recent. PDF images. Searchable or find by citation. 

Westlaw: US Supreme Court Cases: 1790-current. PDF images of the Supreme Court Reporter.

Lexis: US Supreme Court Cases, Lawyers Edition. 1789-current. PDF Reporter images. 

Briefs, Oral Arguments, and Other Records

Making of Modern Law: US Supreme Court Records and Briefs, 1832-1978. Find cases by browsing case names or searching by reporter citation, docket number, term, date, or document type. Includes cases where the Court did not give a full opinion. 

Westlaw: US Supreme Court Briefs, Petitions & Joint Appendices. Selected coverage begins 1930. 

Lexis: US Supreme Court Briefs. Selected briefs beginning in 1936. 

Landmark Briefs and Arguments of the Supreme Court. Range 311. Print volumes with select landmark cases of the Supreme Court from 1793-2004. Includes portions of select briefs and argument transcripts. Transcripts of oral arguments beginning in 1969. also has a docket search, opinions, orders, cert. granted lists, and news. The official US Reports are available as PDF documents. 

Oyez. Archive of US Supreme Court information. Audio of oral arguments beginning 1955. Summaries of cases and links to opinions on Justia. Find cases by Supreme court term or by issue.

Other Resources

ScotusBlog: News and analysis of the US Supreme Court, including petitions of the week, upcoming cases, and petitions.

US Law Week on Bloomberg Law: News on US Supreme Court and other major cases. Includes issues of Supreme Court Today, which lists each week's cases granted or denied review, opinions, and cases docketed, arranged by subject matter. Bloomberg Law has an archive of older US Law Week reports from 1934 to 1997.

Hein Online: US Supreme Court Library. Books, periodicals, and CRS Reports on the court, including historical titles and volumes.

Journal of Supreme Court History. Available online on Hein OnlineWiley InterScience, and EBSCOhost. 

Supreme Court Database: Data on Supreme Court cases decided between 1790 and 2018. Variables include outcomes, issues, and votes. 

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