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Modern Politics

Modern Politics is a major collecting area for MARBL, and this guide will provide a shortcut to important resources about modern politics, civil rights, school desegregation, and more.

LGBTQ Collections

Rose Library's LGBT political collections document the work of activists, organizations, and trailblazing political figures to achieve equality.  The social and cultural collections include the personal papers of artists and writers as well as the records of social organizations and businesses.  It also includes rare books, pamphlets, and periodicals written by and for the LGBT community.  

LGBTQ Collections

All of Rose Library's print materials are cataloged and available in discoverE.

In order to limit your search to only those materials held in Rose Library, start with a simple search and then choose "Rose Library (MARBL)" from the "Library" list on the left side of the screen.

LGBTQ materials are cataloged with a variety of subject headings. For a list of common subject headings, please see the LGBT Library of Congress Subject Headings Guide.

For general tips on finding LGBTQ resources, please see the LGBT Research Guide.

For general tips on using discoverE, please see the Search Strategies LibGuide.