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Data Resources for SARS-CoV-2

Other SARS-CoV-2 Data Compilations

Additional COVID-19 Resources
The Roper Center for Public Opinion Research has provided a list of sources for public opinion information and for health-policy organizations.

COVID-19 Curated Data, Modeling, and Policy Resources
Mathematica has put together an extensive list of sources, with a focus on data for cases, projections, and policy responses. There are also some links for public-opinion data and for best practices for working with pandemic-related data.

COVID-19/Coronavirus: Facts and Figures
This site from Statista brings together tables, graphs, reports, and dossiers on different aspects of the pandemic, both health-related and economics-related. The resources include comparative tables (e.g. cases, public reactions to the pandemic) and country-specific resources. For full access to Statista's contents, go to Databases at Emory.

Scholars have been depositing COVID-19-related data in Harvard's Dataverse since soon after the start of what became the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. Search for "covid* OR "cov-19" OR coronav*" (no quotes) to get a list of relevant dataverse, studies, and files. In addition, the Dataverse curation team has been compiling COVID-19-related deposits into a COVID-19 Data Collection.

ICPSR COVID-19 Data Repository
This repository from the ICPSR is "a repository for data examining the social, behavioral, public health, and economic impact of the novel coronavirus global pandemic. This is a free self-publishing option for any researcher who wants to share data related to COVID-19." You can browse deposits in the archive and download them for further use.

Oxford Supertracker
The Oxford Supertracker "is a global directory of over 100 policy trackers and surveys related to COVID-19 with filters to let users "search and identify relevant information resources, such as datasets, surveys, and systematic collections, across different areas, countries and data types." The project is an updated version of the the covid19policytrackers list.

Understanding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic Through Data
This World Bank site provides a mix of visualizations, tables, and links to various data resources, both macro- and micro- and from both the World Bank and elsewhere. Much of the data here has a development focus and may be helpful for context and background information. In addition to various of its own data collections, the Bank also links out to resources from other IGOs, both global and regional.