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Data Resources for SARS-CoV-2


COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution
As part of its site for information about COVID-19 vaccines, the Department of Health and Human Services is distributing data for distribution of approved vaccines by state/jurisdiction. The data are for doses for initial and follow-up shots when applicable and are updated weekly.

Johns Hopkins University Vaccine Tracker
JHU's Coronavirus Resource Center is now tracking data about the administration of COVID-19 vaccines, based on data reported by federal and state governments. See for the data in tabular form.

New York Times: Vaccine Doses by State
The New York Times has also begun tracking allocation of vaccine doses and numbers of vaccinations, based on data from federal and state sources.

State Plans for Vaccinating their Populations against COVID-19
The National Academy for State Health Policy has summarized states' vaccination plans and priority populations, based on documents submitted to the CDC.