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Data Resources for SARS-CoV-2

Data Visualization

91-DIVOC - An Interactive Visualization of the Exponential Spread of COVID-19
91-DIVOC is a site for creating daily time-series graphs for cases, deaths, and testing, both for daily counts and running averages. You can choose from different sources for data, use either linear scales or logarithmic scales, and create either static graphs or animated graphs. The data are available for the U.S. and globally and can be downloaded as .csv files.

Coronavirus Daily Global Tracker
A mix of COVID-19-related data visualizations, courtesy of Tableau.

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Cases, Data, and Surveillance
This site from the CDC brings together data from various government and private sources for data in the form of "maps and charts tracking cases, deaths, and trends of COVID-19 in the U.S." The site also provides data for hospitalization with various breakdowns and for summaries from reports from seroprevalence surveys that attempt to estimate total infections from SARS-CoV-2.

Coronavirus Tracked: The Latest Figures as Countries Fight Covid-19 Resurgence
The Financial Times makes available for free its interactive tool for visualizing trends in cases and deaths in COVID-19 cases and comparing them across countries. The site is noteworthy in part for its use of logarithmic scales to show how growth in cases/deaths increases or decreases.

COVID-19 Health Equity Dashboard
This dashboard from Emory "seeks to fill the gaps in county-level data about the virus and underlying social determinants of health. Our goal is for this Dashboard to facilitate easy comparisons of counties with respect to COVID-19 outcomes and social determinants." Its focus is on how communities' experiences with the pandemic differ due to factors such as poverty, presence of chronic health conditions, segregation, or access to healthcare resources. You can create either statistical graphs or maps to make comparisons and look at relationships between COVID-19 outcomes and the social/demographic/economic characteristics of states and counties within the U.S. See to see a list of currently-available indicators and definitions. See for other resources related to disparities and inequality and their effects on local serverity in COVID-19 outbreaks.

Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center (CRC)
The Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center "is a continuously updated source of COVID-19 data and expert guidance. We aggregate and analyze the best data available on COVID-19—including cases, as well as testing, contact tracing and vaccine efforts—to help the public, policymakers and healthcare professionals worldwide respond to the pandemic." The various tools and resources include both international and U.S. data and include JHU's well-known maps for growth in cases and deaths.