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Search Hedges- Emory University

The search hedges featured on this page were created by Informationists at the Woodruff Health Sciences Center Library, Emory University.

Indigenous Persons

"Indigenous Peoples"[Mesh] OR aborigin*[tw] OR autochthon*[tw] OR clan[tw] OR clans[tw] OR “earliest people”[tw] OR “first people*”[tw] OR “first nation*”[tw] OR indigen*[tw] OR native*[tw] OR tribe[tw] OR tribes[tw] OR tribal[tw]  


This search hedge is meant to broad and not limited to a particular region or identity.  Refer to regional sources for self-descriptive terms rather than colonial designations.  

  • Last Updated: October 2023 
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aborigin* OR autochthon* OR clan OR clans OR “earliest people” OR “first people*” OR “first nation*” OR indigen* OR native* OR tribe OR tribes OR tribal[tw]