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Search Hedges- Emory University (Under Construction)

The search hedges featured on this page were created by Informationists at the Woodruff Health Sciences Center Library, Emory University. Please find citation information on the guide.

Elderly Persons

(elder*[TW] OR aged[MESH] OR aged[TW] OR ageing[TW] OR aging[MESH] OR aging[TW] OR centenarian*[TW] OR gerontol*[TW] OR Geriatricians[MESH] OR geriatrics[MESH] OR geriatric*[TW] OR "late life"[tiab:~1] OR nonagenarian*[TW] OR octogenarian*[TW] OR “older adult*”[TW] OR “old age”[tw] OR “older people”[tw] OR “older person*”[tw] OR pensioner*[tw] OR senior*[TW] OR septuagenarian*[TW]) 


  • Last Updated: October 2023
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Peterson, S. R., Leslie, S. L., Rogers, H. K., Nemeth, J., Reardon, E. E., & White, M. S. (2023, March). Search Hedges- Emory University. Health Sciences Research Guides. Retrieved [xx], from

(elder* OR aged OR ageing OR aging OR centenarian* OR gerontol* OR geriatric* OR "late life" OR nonagenarian* OR octogenarian* OR “older adult*” OR “old age” OR “older people” OR “older person*” OR pensioner* OR senior* OR septuagenarian*)