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Search Hedges- Emory University

The search hedges featured on this page were created by Informationists at the Woodruff Health Sciences Center Library, Emory University.


"HIV"[Mesh] OR "acquired immunodeficiency syndrome*"[tw] OR “acquired immune deficiency syndrome*”[tw] OR HIV[tw] OR HIV+[tw] OR HIV/AIDS[tw] OR "HIV Infections"[Mesh] OR HTLV-III-LAV[tw] OR HTLV-III[tw] OR "human immunodeficiency virus*"[tw] OR "persons living with AIDS"[tw] OR "people living with AIDS"[tw] OR PLHIV[tw] OR PLWH[tw] or PLWHA[tw] OR "T-Lymphotropic Virus Type III"[tw] OR "women living with AIDS"[tw] OR WLHIV[tw] OR "human T-cell lymphotropic"[tw] OR "AIDS virus*"[tw] 


This filter does not include historical terms for HIV, nor does it include AIDS-associated diseases such as Pneumocystis pneumonia or Kaposi’s sarcoma.  For additional historical terms, see below.

  • Last Updated: December 2023
  • This filter is not validated

Peterson, S. R., Leslie, S. L., Rogers, H. K., Nemeth, J., Reardon, E. E., & White, M. S. (2023, March). Search Hedges- Emory University. Health Sciences Research Guides. Retrieved [xx], from

"acquired immunodeficiency syndrome*" OR “acquired immune deficiency syndrome*” OR HIV OR HIV+ OR HIV/AIDS OR HTLV-III-LAV OR HTLV-III OR "human immunodeficiency virus*" OR "persons living with AIDS" OR "people living with AIDS" OR PLHIV OR PLWH or PLWHA OR "T-Lymphotropic Virus Type III" OR "women living with AIDS" OR WLHIV OR "human T-cell lymphotropic" OR "AIDS virus*"

Historical Terms

To use these optional terms, append the following search string directly to the above search hedge:

OR "gay-related immune deficiency"[tw] OR "gay-related immunodeficiency disease" OR "community-acquired immunodeficiency"[tw] OR "acquired community immunodeficiency syndrome"[tw] OR "AIDS-related complex"[tw]