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Collection Management@Emory

New Order Forms

In an effort to better track data and collaborate with acquisitions, we are asking that you begin to use the new "Rush Hold Form."  We have taken into account your suggestions and revisions as much as possible to balance the needs of acquisitions and CM.

  • This form is only to be used for rush patron requests. A patron name and id# is required to associate a patron with this request. There is a box for PATRON ID, if you know it (it's the fastest way for Acquisitions to locate the patron).  The patron ID can be relatively easily located in the CIRC module of Aleph.
  • Please complete the form with as much information as possible,e.g., URL links to item requested on Amazon, OCLC #’s, isbns, published date, etc. A patron hold will be placed on the order and the item will receive expedited cataloging.
  • For regular firm orders, use the Listserv in the link below. Include notes requesting special handling or expedited cataloguing in your message to this Listserv.


You may bookmark the web form, or find it on the under "updates" or "forms" on the collection management libguide (