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Collection Management@Emory

Fall 2018 DDA Update

Spring 2016 DDA Updates

DDA records are not in our instance of Primo, save for those titles which triggered purchases in the past.  Prior to the ALMA golive, DDA records (provided by YBP) were piped into Aleph (i.e., not in Aleph).  There were also several delete scripts to remove titles that were no longer being supported or distributed by the aggregator.  

You will still see an indication in GOBI that a title is available via DDA. Patrons will still have access to titles via the aggregator--EBL, EBrary, or EBSCO until we resolve this issue. 

If you have any DDA questions or concerns, please let Chris know.

2014-5 DDA Updates

DDA Data

New data from January 2013-April 2014:

  • 78 Autopurchases
  • 2,028 individual short-term loans (STLs)
  • 1519 individual titles loaned
  • January-August 2013 Expenditure: $14,432.81
  • September 2013-Apil 201 Expenditure: $20,232.41
  • Highest-Use Areas: Business, Computer Science




Key Elements of DDA

The DDA questionnaire should provide most of the essential features of our DDA program.  However, here are the highlights:

  • Program is based on our YBP approval plan (slips only), Woodruff Only (noted as "DDA candidate"), all subject areas incorporated
  • Universe of titles is 2010 e-book slips; new titles added weekly
  • Candidate records will be piped into DiscoverE
  • Vendor is EBL; all loans allow for multiple users
  • 3 Short-term loans before purchase of title (purchase on the 4th loan); short term effectuated after 5 minutes continuous browsing
  • Librarian can still go ahead and purchase DDA candidates and/or print titles of DDA equivalents, but orders will not be billed through DDA
  • Initial allocation is $75K; fund will be monitored throughout the year and usage stats (loans and purchases)
  • Point of purchase records will not be loaded into Aleph, per agreement with Catalog and Acquisitions.