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Collection Management@Emory

Ordering e-books


1.  Locate an e-version of the title.

2. Select the access option you wish.  See definitions for SUPO, MUPO, and non-linear lending below.

3. Select Title

4. Choose "2081-50 US EBK Slips"

5. To order, chose "EMXF" as a holding code.

6. Choose the e-book fund code (this is important for tracking purposes).

7. Choose the desired option for e-book access.


In GOBI, you have the option of purchasing titles from  a variety of ebook aggregators and publishers (see above) eLibrary, eBrary, Wiley, EBSCOhost (which took over Netlibrary titles), and Cambridge.  However, as of this time purchases of Netlibrary titles through GOBI is not possible.  Adjacent to this box, you will see the ebook options available to selectors.  A few definitions are worth noting:

What is the difference between Single User Purchase Option (SUPO) and Multiple User Purchase Option (MUPO)? There are two access options for Ebrary titles: SUPO (single concurrent user access) and MUPO (unlimited user access.)   There is not currently a formal policy for selecting a particular access method. However, if this is a resource that is likely to be high use, for instance, used in electronic reserves, a class assignment, or purchased as a copy 2, use the MUPO option.

What is non-linear lending? NLL allows for the purchase of a title that can be used simultaneously by a number of patrons.