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Collection Management@Emory: GOBI and YBP

Technical and Approval Plan Updates

GOBI Documentation/Help

YBP Contact infromation

Here is the contact information

Technical: Andrew Belt (
Profile, Collection Development: Katy Ginanni (


Approval Activity and Statistics

YBP Circulation Project

isbn searching

   See Kim Collins for password

Source Data

You just need to create a plain-text list of isbns in notepad or word*  (source file must saved  as a “plain text file”)

Remember, you can export data from GOBI folders or notification eslips, by marking all records and saving to file (keep tab-delineated default).  I open with excel, but change the isbn column (format cell…) to numbers w/zero decimal places, then copy & paste isbns to a plain text file.You can also ask vendors to send you an  isbn list from their print or e catalogues.

Will be e-mailed to you as an excel file.  Fields include:

  • Column A - ISBN
  • Column B - YES/NO (Yes, we own it; No the isbn is not in ALMA)
  • Column C - Worldcat link for NO and discoverE link for YES (not live, need to copy & paste)

* In WORD, click Save As and use drop-down menu to choose Plain Text (.txt).  A file conversion box will appear, click the "insert line break" box and use the drop-down to change "end lines with" to LR only.