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Support for locating and working with datasets, statistical information, and geographic data.

Latinobarometro Data and Documentation

The Latinobarómetro is an annual survey conducted amongst 18 countries in Latin America. The survey, which has been conducted since 1995, asks respondents about topics such as globalization, democratic governance and political institutions, "social capital," the environment, and gender issues. In addition to including standard questions repeated over time, Latinobarómetro surveys also have particular "themes;" the 1996 survey, for instance, focused on trade and investment and politicians, while the 1998 survey focused on social capital and the 2002 survey focused on the merits of democracy and markets.

Microdata, documentation, and other publications from the data are available from the Latinobarómetro website in both Spanish and English. The microdata files are available in R (*.RData), SAS (*.sas7bdat), SPSS (*.sav), and Stata (*.dta) formats. There is also an on-line interface for the data that allow users to create cross-tabulations and look at trends in question responses over time.

In addition to the Latinobarómetro data, we have also provided links to related resources for data from other surveys conducted within Latin American countries and/or focusing on Latino populations.

Under the terms of our legal agreement with the data distributors, access to the data and documentation are restricted to current Emory faculty, staff, and students only and are not to be distributed outside of the university. The data are to be used for non-commerical, academic purposes only. We also encourage users of the data to properly acknowledge their usage of the Latinobarómetro data and to inform the Latinobarómetro Corporation of any publications using the data. To access microdata files, users also have to accept an end-user agreement that specifies the terms of use for the data.

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