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Major Treatises & Looseleaf Sets





Collier on Bankruptcy: 16th edition at KF1524 .C634. Chapters are arranged by code section or by rule. The library also has earlier sets, including the 15th edition Revised at KF1524 .C633. Collier on Bankruptcy is on Lexis+. An ebook version is available in Lexis Digital Library.  Some earlier editions are available in The Making of Modern Law (3rd through 13th editions) and in Hein Online's History of Bankruptcy database (1st through 13th editions).

Norton Bankruptcy Law and Practice: 3d edition, available online via Westlaw. Norton is also arranged by code section. Westlaw has the Norton Dictionary of Bankruptcy Terms as well.

Bankruptcy Service, Lawyers Edition.  Available online via Westlaw. Commentary and bankruptcy decisions by code section.

Other Bankruptcy Monographs & Treatises

Practitioner Resources and other handbooks, manuals, and treatises:

Bloomberg Law:

  • Bankruptcy books from ABA and ABI
  • ABI Guide to Cross-Border Insolvency
  • Chapter 11 101: Essentials of Chapter 11 Practice (ABI)
  • Consumer Bankruptcy: Fundamentals of Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 (ABI)
  • Chapter 12 from A to Z: A Guide to Bankruptcies of Family Farmers and Family Fishermen


  • Bankruptcy Law Fundamentals (Aaron)
  • Bankruptcy Desk Guide
  • Bankruptcy Litigation (Steinberg): 3-volume looseleaf set, covers jurisdiction motions, and other litigation matters
  • Herzog's Bankruptcy Forms and Practice: Multi-volume set with bankruptcy forms and commentary.
  • Bankruptcy Practice Handbook: 3-volume looseleaf set, arranged by type of bankruptcy case and party represented.  Includes checklists, sample letters, and practice strategy. 
  • Bankruptcy Law Manual: Includes discussion of rules, jurisdiction, practice tips, analysis of business and consumer bankruptcy law
  • The Law of Debtors and Creditors:  Bankruptcy, Security Interests, and Collection.  2-volume looseleaf on consumer bankruptcy and collections. 
  • Chapter 11 Reorganizations 2d ed.
  • Chapter 13 Practice & Procedure


  • Collier Bankruptcy Practice Guide
  • Collier Consumer Bankruptcy Practice Guide
  • Collier Family Law and the Bankruptcy Code
  • Collier Handbook for Creditors’ Committees
  • Reorganizations Under Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code

Other Treatises:

Bankruptcy Law Journals

Emory Bankruptcy Developments Journal: PDF issues on Hein Online; also available via Westlaw

American Bankruptcy Law Journal (National Conference of Bankruptcy Judges)

ABI Law Review (St. John's University)

ABI Journal: current issues related to bankruptcy. Available on WestlawBloomberg Law, and the ABI website

Norton Annual Survey of Bankruptcy Law: Available online via Westlaw

Commercial Law World (Commercial Law League of America)

Law Journal Databases & Indexes

Westlaw: Law Reviews & Journals in Bankruptcy>Secondary Sources.

Lexis+: Bankruptcy Law Reviews and Journals

Hein Online's Law Journal Library: Includes a Citation Navigator to find articles by citation. Hein Online's History of Bankruptcy includes scholarly articles on bankruptcy reform legislation and history

Index to Legal Periodicals and Books: Includes legal treatises as well as journal articles.  Field searching including by subject, court case, and statute.  

Current Index to Legal Periodicals: Find new articles by journal or subject, including bankruptcy.

Other Journals

Emory A-Z Databases: Find journals in Emory databases by subject, including Business, Economics, and Statistics and Demography. Get links to databases with full text journals, including JSTOR, Proquest, and EBSCO journals. You can also search for databases with terms in the database name or description.

Emory eJournalsFind online sources for specific journals by title.



Newsletters & Current Awareness Sources

Subscription databases with newsletters for tracking issues in bankruptcy law and related subjects.

Bloomberg Bankruptcy Law Newsletter: Includes cases, new filings, and proposed bills. The Bankruptcy Law Practice Center has a Bloomberg News feed with bankruptcy stories and recent significant filings, and the company information section includes Bankruptcy Rumors and Distressed Company Screener. US Law Week and Supreme Court Today have news on US Supreme Court and significant appellate cases. News items on cases include some dockets and case documents.

American Bankruptcy Institute's Newsroom has sections with news on bankruptcy law, plus the ABI Journal.  The ABI Journal includes brief articles with bankruptcy law developments and analysis by experts. Rochelle's Daily Wire covers significant bankruptcy cases in the Circuit Courts and Supreme Court, including potential and current circuit splits. To see password-protected sections of the website, Emory Law students can  get updates by email with a discounted student membership. The ABI Journal is also available on Bloomberg Law and Westlaw

Lexis has a Bankruptcy Practice Area page with Law360 for bankruptcy news stories and Troubled Company Reporter, a daily newsletter of developments in large companies involved in restructuring or that are experiencing financial strains, including companies in Chapter 11. The Business News section includes stories from the Daily Financial Times, the New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal. Law360 is also available in a separate web version, with a bankruptcy section for news on bankruptcy cases. Articles have attached documents including orders, motions, complaints, and petitions.

Westlaw Practice Area for Bankruptcy includes Westlaw Today News, Bankruptcy Daily Briefing, and Practitioner Insights from Practical Law. Westlaw also has Reuters News and Insight. 

Get instructions for Emory access to the online versions of the New York Times and Wall Street Journal using our guides. 


Legal blogs can be a good free resource for finding news and developments in bankruptcy law. Most are written by bankruptcy attorneys or law school professors. Search for bankruptcy blogs, or find blog posts by category(including bankruptcy), using Justia Blawgsearch

Useful blogs for finding bankruptcy and related news include:

Government & Other Reports

Reports from government agencies can give you background on bankruptcy legislation, the courts, government operations, and the economy.

GAO Reports: The GAO investigates federal spending.  Find reports and testimony by topic or agency, including on topics like foreclosures, federal spending and debt, and federal employees.

CRS Reports: The Congressional Research Service prepares reports for Congress on legislative topics, including bankruptcy, finance, and economic policy. Find CRS reports in:

Hein Online's Judges and the Judiciary library: Federal Judicial Center publications, legislative histories on organization of the courts, and selected law review articles.

Federal Judicial CenterReports, studies, and guides on the federal courts. Search filters include bankruptcy as a subject.

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