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Bankruptcy Statistics

U.S Trustee Program: Statistics and reports on bankruptcy filings. The U.S. Trustee site has annual reports, bankruptcy statistics, Chapter 7 Trustee reports, USTP enforcement activity, debtor audits, and criminal referrals.

Florida-UCLA-LoPucki Bankruptcy Database: Datasets on large (assets over $100 million)  public company bankruptcies filed in the U.S. Bankruptcy Courts since 1979. Basic information on cases includes year filed, disposition, filing district, pre-filing assets, and sales. Create reports with data in 22 fields, including industry, disposition, filing district, refiling, and asset and employee size.  Emory Law School users needing access to the larger Cases files, with 200 fields of data for empirical projects, may download these on-campus.

American Bankruptcy Institute Newsroom: Statistics page with filing data and a Chart of the Day.

Court Statistics

Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts:

Bankruptcy Caseload Statistics Data Tables include reports and spreadsheets on filings, BAPCPA reports on consumer debtors, and PACER F-5A reports on filings by counties and judicial circuits. The AOC Reports Statistics page also has Bankruptcy Court and other federal court tables on judicial caseloads, along with Judicial Facts and Figures and other reports.

Administrative Office of the US Courts: Analysis and Reports: Statistical reports including the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act Report, Judicial Business of the United States Courts, Federal Court Management Statistics, and Federal Judicial Caseload Statistics. 

Tracfed: Court data includes tables for bankruptcy filings and actions by federal agencies.  Tracfed also has data on criminal and civil enforcement, and judicial and federal staffing.  A password is required for full access; see the reference desk for assistance.

Hein Online's Congress and the Courts Library: Federal Court Management Statistics 1980-latest (District Courts and Courts of Appeal) and Report of the Proceedings of the Judicial Conference of the United States 1940-latest (including tables of caseload and other court data).  

National Center for State Courts: Court Statistics Project. Caseload data from the courts of the 50 states, DC, and Puerto Rico. Civil court data includes caseloads, clearance rates, tort caseloads, and medical malpractice caseloads.

Databases of Statistics Reports

Proquest Statistical Insight:  Search statistics from federal agencies, states, IGOs, professional and trade organizations, commercial publishers, and  research organizations. Includes the Statistical Abstract of the U.S. in current editions.

OECD iLibrary:  Online library of statistical databases and ebooks with global economic, labor, education, trade statistics.

United Nations Statistics Division:  Statistical databases and publications including development, demographics, industry and trade, energy, and environmental.

Statista: Searchable database of statistical graphics and reports on economics, industries, and countries.

Economic Statistics

Bureau of Economic Analysis: Economic data, estimates, and  fact sheets, including GDP, personal income, and international trade statistics, and the Survey of Current Business

Bureau of Labor Statistics: Labor statistics, price indexes, earnings and benefits statistics, and employment numbers

Congressional Budget Office: Cost estimates for bills, budget and economic projections, historical budget data, publications by subject area. The CBO also publishes a Glossary of Economic and Budget Terms.

Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System: Statistical releases, principal economic indicators, banking data and regulations.  The Federal Reserve publishes the Federal Reserve Bulletin and statistical supplement.

Bureau of the Fiscal Service: Treasury Department statements and reports and the Treasury Bulletin

Insurance Information Institute: Insurance-related data including statistics on catastrophe losses, types of insurance

European Central Bank Statistical Data Warehouse: European Union and member state data on money, banking, financial markets, unemployment, securities trading, and prices

Census Data

Census Bureau: Data from the census, American Community Survey, and the Economic Census, with datasets, fact sheets, reference maps, surveys and estimates.

Manufacturing & Construction Statistics: New construction and sales, inventories and orders, and the Annual Survey of Manufactures

Historical Statistics of the United States Millennial Edition: Historical US census and and government statistical tables.

Data Resources and Support at Emory

Woodruff Library Guide to data resources and support at Emory in subjects including Courts and Criminal Justice, Economics, Elections and Voting, Governance and Political Institutions, International Relations, and International Economics. 

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