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Chapter 15 and the Model Law on Cross-Border Insolvency

Chapter 15 was added to the Bankruptcy Code by the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005, adopting UNCITRAL’s Model Law on Cross-Border Insolvency. Chapter 15 of the Bankruptcy Code can be found in the US Code on Cornell LII, the House OLRC, and on Lexis, Westlaw, and Hein Online’s US Code Library. A brief introduction to Chapter 15 can be found in the US Courts’ Bankruptcy Basics.

The Model Law on Cross-Border Insolvency was drafted and promoted by UNCITRAL’s Working Group on Insolvency Law to standardize the handling of insolvency cases where debtors, creditors, and assets are in more than one country.  UNCITRAL Texts & Status has text of the model law, a Guide to Enactment and Interpretation, explanatory texts, preparatory and working group documents, and a bibliography of publications (including law review and other journal articles). UNCITRAL’s CLOUT database can be searched for cases on the Model Law on Cross-Border Insolvency, most from U.S. courts. UNCITRAL's Status page on the Model Law on Cross-Border Insolvency lists countries that have adopted legislation based on the Model Law.

Global Insolvency’s Chapter 15 database has headlines and new filings (with pdf documents), caselaw summaries, and legislative history and commentary.

Bloomberg Law has bankruptcy dockets in Chapter 15 cases in its Practice Center for Bankruptcy. After selecting Chapter 15 cases, narrow your results by date, circuit, state, court, or keyword. Dockets may have links to available documents, and you can request other documents to download if they are available on PACER. The Bankruptcy Practice Center also has recent Chapter 15 filings under Recent Cases & Orders. 

Westlaw Practical Law: Cross-Border: Chapter 15: Includes practice notes, case trackers, and standard documents. 

Books on Chapter 15 include:

Foreign Insolvency Laws

Global Insolvency (ABI & INSOL International joint project): Bankruptcy news plus resource links by country. Global Insolvency has a database of U.S. Chapter 15 cases, plus articles on international insolvency from the ABI Journal.

International Insolvency Institute Resource Library: Links to resources by country, including articles, legislation, and decisions, and articles on international insolvency topics.

European E-Justice Portal: Bankruptcy and insolvency information by European Union member state, with links to insolvency registers and laws by  country.

Foreign Law Guide (subscription database): Subject sections for each country include Bankruptcy & Insolvency, with citations to insolvency laws.

Debtor-Creditor Law (Lexis): Part IX is on international insolvency and enforcement of judgments for selected jurisdictions.

The International Insolvency Review: Annual publication with chapters on cross-border insolvencies and insolvency laws of selected countries, available on Wiley Online and on Hein Online

The Norton Annual Survey of Bankruptcy Law (Westlaw) includes developments in Chapter 15 jurisprudence.

Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals (Hein Online): Find articles on foreign insolvency laws by searching in the subject heading for Bankruptcy and by individual country.

Getting the Deal Through: Restructuring and insolvency Q&A articles by country

Westlaw Practical Law: Cross-Border: Chapter 15: Includes restructuring and insolvency overviews by country

United Kingdom:


Books on international insolvency law include:

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