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United States History Research Guide

Primary and secondary sources for the study of US History.

Finding and Checking Out Videos

Videos, films, music, and other physical audiovisual (A/V) materials can be obtained at the service desk in the Marian K. Heilbrun Music & Media Library.

LOCATION: Woodruff Library LOBBY LEVEL 4. Take the stairs or elevators JUST INSIDE the Woodruff lobby (NOT the "book stacks" elevators).

A/V materials are listed in discoverE, usually with a MUSICMEDIA location and a call number beginning with DVD, V.CASS, CD. etc. Take the call number to a staff member at the Music & Media service desk - they will retrieve and check it out for you (if it can be taken out of the Library) or show you where you can view/listen to it in-house.

For more help identifying and using A/V materials, see the Music & Media website or consult with Music & Media staff in person or by phone at 404-727-1777.

Digital Images and Film