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LGBT Studies Microfilm Research Guide

Alphabetical list of materials on microfilm that are available to Emory faculty, staff and students relating to gender, sexuality, and queer studies.

Mattachine Society of New York (1951-1976)

The Mattachine Society, Inc. of New York (MSNY) was founded in New York City in 1955 (incorporated in 1961) as a non-profit organization for educating the public in all aspects of homosexuality, for assisting the individual gay in coping with problems related to his homosexuality, for effecting changes in social attitudes towards gays and for securing the repeal of laws discriminating against gays in housing, employment and assembly.

The collection contains correspondence from its principal officers, including communications from other queer organizations of that time. The complete financial records of the organization are also part of the series including tax returns, bank and financial statements. The photograph collection consists of 8x10 prints of the East Coast Homophile Convention that was held in 1965 as well as photo’s of the Gay Pride March in New York in the early 70’s.


Call No.: Micfilm 3417


Reels: 24


Online Guide to the Collection: Click Here