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LGBT Studies Microfilm Research Guide

Alphabetical list of materials on microfilm that are available to Emory faculty, staff and students relating to gender, sexuality, and queer studies.

Uranisme et unisexualité, by Andre Raffalovich, 1896

Andre Raffalovich was a journalist, poet and novelist. His published works included five books of poetry and two novels. The main focus of his novels was sexuality, while his poetry focused more on objects of desire without specifying gender.

His most famous non-fiction work, Uranisme et Unisexualite published by A. Storck in 1896 which has never been reprinted introduced the term 'unisexuality' as a way of sexual expression. Raffalovich wrote that 'unisexuality was noble and pure but only when carried out by a 'sublime invert' who fulfilled his desires through celibate friendship, spirituality and art.


Call No.: Micfilm 4496


Reels: 1


Online Guide: None