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Search Hedges- Emory University

The search hedges featured on this page were created by Informationists at the Woodruff Health Sciences Center Library, Emory University.


Sleep*[tw] OR "Sleep"[Mesh] OR "Sleep Wake Disorders"[Mesh] OR asleep[tw] OR "Circadian Rhythm"[Mesh] OR "circadian*"[tw] OR hypersomn*[tw] OR insomnia*[tw] OR parasomnia*[tw] OR somnolen*[tw] OR dozing[tw] OR napping[tw] OR slumber*[tw]



This search is based on identifying literature that discusses the biological function of sleeping. Please see the list of other terms to consider to find additional sleep-related terms.

  • Last Updated: September 2023
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Peterson, S. R., Leslie, S. L., Rogers, H. K., Nemeth, J., Reardon, E. E., & White, M. S. (2023, September). Search Hedges- Emory University. Health Sciences Research Guides. Retrieved [xx], from

Other Terms to Consider:

  • Actigraphy
  • Chronobiology
  • Diurnal
  • Dozy
  • Drowsy
  • Dream
  • Dyssomnias
  • Nap - Term also used for other biomedical functions
  • Naps - Term also used for other biomedical functions
  • Night terror
  • Nightmare
  • Narcolepsy
  • Polysomnography
  • Restless leg syndrome
  • Slept
  • REM
  • Rapid eye movement

Sleep* OR asleep OR circadian* OR hypersomn* OR insomnia* OR parasomnia* OR somnolen* OR dozing OR napping OR slumber*