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Search Hedges- Emory University

The search hedges featured on this page were created by Informationists at the Woodruff Health Sciences Center Library, Emory University.

Elderly Persons

(elder*[TW] OR aged[MESH] OR aged[TW] OR ageing[TW] OR aging[MESH] OR aging[TW] OR centenarian*[TW] OR gerontol*[TW] OR Geriatricians[MESH] OR geriatrics[MESH] OR geriatric*[TW] OR "late life"[tiab:~1] OR nonagenarian*[TW] OR octogenarian*[TW] OR “older adult*”[TW] OR “old age”[tw] OR “older people”[tw] OR “older person*”[tw] OR pensioner*[tw] OR senior*[TW] OR septuagenarian*[TW]) 


  • Last Updated: October 2023
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(elder* OR aged OR ageing OR aging OR centenarian* OR gerontol* OR geriatric* OR "late life" OR nonagenarian* OR octogenarian* OR “older adult*” OR “old age” OR “older people” OR “older person*” OR pensioner* OR senior* OR septuagenarian*)