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LAW702L - Indian Antitrust Law (Prof. Kaur, Fall 2021)

European Union Competition Law

Westlaw European Union materialsIncludes European Union cases, legislation, treaties, treatises, and journals.

Directorate-General for Competition: Plans and reports, information on the Directorate-General.

European Commission Competition Policy: Press releases, treaty provisions, publications and reports. 

European Commission Competition Policy Case Search: Search competition cases by policy area (antitrust, cartels, merger, state aid), case title, company name, date, or economic sector. 

Summaries of EU Legislation: Summaries include citations and links to legislation in force. Browse by subject area, or search summaries by text or topic. One of the Summary subject areas is Competition

EUR-LEX Advanced Search: Search European Union legislation by title, type of legislation, text, date, or theme

InfoCuria: Searchable database of caselaw of the European Court of Justice. Search cases by number, names of the parties, subject matter, or references to caselaw or legislation.

Monographs and Treatises

EC Competition Law Reporter (Westlaw/Sweet & Maxwell): Treatise in PDF with analysis of European Union competition rules as established by the European Commission. Cites cases from the Court of Justice and General Court. Use the extensive index to find topics.