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LAW702L - Indian Antitrust Law (Prof. Kaur, Fall 2021)

Statutes and Regulations

Find Federal antitrust law in Title 15 of the United States Code. Find annotated versions of Title 15 on Westlaw and Lexis. 

Federal antitrust laws and regulations include:


Bloomberg Law Antitrust Practice CenterFind annual Antitrust Law Developments, antitrust legal news,  practical guidance, deal analytics, forms, Federal and state antitrust laws, federal antitrust court opinions, and agency materials from the DOJ and FTC.

Lexis Antitrust & Trade LawAntitrust cases, statutes, administration regulations, news, and treatises.

Westlaw Antitrust: Resources including news and analysis, cases, statutes, regulations, administrative decisions, Practical Law, and treatises.


Major Treatises

Antitrust Laws and Trade Regulation (Lexis): Multi-volume treatise on antitrust law. Includes a chapter on International Competition Laws.