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LAW702L - Indian Antitrust Law (Prof. Kaur, Fall 2021)


Government and Free Sources

Supreme Court of India: Database of judgments, including by Act or "free text" searching

SUPLIS: Database of Supreme Court caselaw from the Supreme Court Judges Library, including a subject search

SUPLIB: Database of Indian and other legal journal articles from the Supreme Court Judges Library, including by subject, journal, and title. Citations only.

LEGIS: Database of national acts from the Supreme Court Judges Library, . Citations and other information with links to the India Code Digital Repository. 

India Code Digital Repository: Searchable database of consolidated central and state acts

Legal Information Institute of India: Database of Indian caselaw and statutes, including state

Indian Kanoon: Free database of Indian court judgments and tribunals, including state. 


Treatises and Monographs

Lex Mundi's Guide to Doing Business in India (Lexis): Includes a chapter on Competition Law.