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Reference Management Program

Create a Library

EndNote is not like other programs in that sometimes it is unclear as to what is happening.  For Windows users, when one first launches EndNote, the user will be given a choice to create a new library or open an existing one. Specifically for Mac users, the first time users launch EndNote, it maybe unclear that anything has happened. For Mac users, they may see the following:

It looks like nothing has happened, but if you look at the very top of the screen, you can see that EndNote is actually launched.  The user just needs to start an EndNote Library:

Once you have selected File/New, you will be asked to name your file and choose its location.  Regardless whether you are using a Windows or Mac machine, do not save your library to a cloud platform like OneDrive, SharePoint, DropBox, etc.  You must save your library locally on your computer hard drive.

Add Journals Term List(s)

Add a journals term list -- or more than one -- if you choose.  For users in the health sciences, just import the medical list. Do not import both the medical and bioscience lists;  if EndNote sees the same journal twice in the journals term list, it will not know which one to use to format the journal title. 

The journal abbreviations for the medical list follow the Index Medicus (MEDLINE) journal abbreviations.

Adding a journals term list helps avoid problems with journal names displaying incorrectly in bibliographies.

To add one or more journal terms lists:

  • Go to the Library menu and select OpenTerms/Journals Term List
  • Click the Lists tab at the top of the window that opens
  • Click the label Import List
  • You should be taken to either the Term Lists (PC) folder or the Terms (Mac) folder.  If you are not, navigate to your Endnote Program files and open the Term Lists OR Terms folder.
  • Choose the term list you want to import. Endnote will import the terms list and tell you how many terms have been added to your library. Click OK to continue.


Organize Your Library Using Groups

EndNote recommends that you use a single library to manage your references, and organize it as needed for various projects. For example you can create groups. Watch this video about organizing your library.  It is video only; it does not contain any audio.