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Philosophy Research Guide

Scope of the Collection

Welcome to the Woodruff Library's Philosophy research guide. This guide will help you find primary sources, books, manuscripts, reference materials, databases, journal articles, and internet resources pertinent to your research and study. The tabs listed above guide you to specific resources.

Subject Areas: The bulk of the philosophy collection is classed in B (ancient, medieval, modern), BC (logic), BD (speculative Philosophy, metaphysics, Epistemology, Methodology, Ontology, and Cosmology), BH (Aesthetics), and BJ 1-1725 (Ethics).  Other important areas include JC (political theory), HX (socialism, communism, anarchism), Q175 (philosophy of science), and P101-120 (philosophy of language).

Chronology: Ancient to Contemporary.

Language: Emory collects primary materials in their original language, which includes Greek, Latin, French, German, and Italian. These primary sources are also collected in English translation when available. Secondary sources are collected in English, French, German, and Italian.

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