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African American Studies Research Guide

Resources for researching African American culture and history at the Emory Libraries.

Welcome to the African American Studies Subject Guide!

This research guide is for the support and study of African American Studies at Emory. It is organized into various tabs, or pages, that highlight different categories of library materials. Click on each tab to identify information and link to useful sources. For questions about this guide contact African American Studies Librarian Erica Bruchko.

African American Studies Defined

"African American studies are academic units that focus on the systematic investigation of people of African descent in their contacts with Europeans, their dispersal throughout the diaspora, and the subsequent institutionalization of racism and oppression as means of economic, political, and social subordination. From the outset, these studies had both an academic and a social mission."

Aldridge, Delores. "African American Studies." In K. Lomotey (Ed.) Encyclopedia of African American Education (2010).

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