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Nursing Resources

This guide is designed to help Emory students, faculty, & staff access library resources, find scholarly literature & tools related to nursing.


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“Be careful about reading health books.  You may die of a misprint.”
~ Mark Twain


Be a cyberskeptic. 
Remember, anyone can post anything on the internet.

Determine the purpose of the page

 Assess the Accuracy

  • Should present factual information based on medical research, not opinion.

Consider the source

  • Are they trying to sell you something?
  • Who sponsors the website?  Look for an "About" page to assess the author's credentials. (For example, look at this website.  This site is sponsored by a law firm that specializes in litigation related to a disease.)

Check the Currency

  • Is the information current?  When was the last update?

Review the Coverage

  • Are all aspects of the subject covered?  How detailed is the information?

Protect your privacy

  • Health information should be confidential.

Look for quality design

  • All web sites are not created equal.  Watch out for typos and lots of exclamation points.

Always consult with your health professional

  • A website should have a disclaimer stating that the content is information, not medical advice.
  • Patient/provider partnerships lead to the best medical decisions.

Adapted from the MedlinePlus Guide to Healthy Web Surfing

Find Books & eBooks

Search the Library Catalog for books, eBooks, videos and journals. Search the A-Z list for articles within databases.

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