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Systematic Reviews


This guide was created by the WHSC Library's systematic review team. Our SR team offers two tiers of support for Emory research groups conducting guideline updates, writing book chapters, or publishing reviews.

If you need assistance with a systematic review, please contact our Ask a Librarian service.

Support Tiers

Our SR team offers two tiers of support for Emory research groups conducting guideline updates, writing book chapters, or publishing reviews.

Service Level Services Provided to PI & Team by Informationists Informationist Compensation Average Hours of Work
Tier 1
  • Initial consultation and discussion to determine if a systematic review is the best review type to answer the question vs. other types of reviews (e.g., literature review, scoping review, etc.).
  • Develop a PubMed search strategy.
  • Identify other databases for extending the search.
  • Provide guidance on searching the grey literature and/or hand searching.
  • Advise on citation management, screening tools and article appraisal tools.
  • Recommend tools for journal selection.
Acknowledgement by name in manuscript   10
Tier 2

Tier 1, plus:

  • Advise on protocol registration (e.g. PROSPERO).
  • Translate search strategy for each additional database (e.g. Embase, CINAHL, Web of Science, PsycInfo).
  • If appropriate, identify and search sources of grey literature.
  • Provide a citation data file to investigators.
  • Project management in the SR tool Covidence.
  • Search journal identification tools and provide list of potential journals.
  • Write manuscript’s Methods section and provide search strategies per PRISMA recommendations. 
  • Create PRISMA flow diagram.
  • Collaborate with team on additional parts of the project (e.g., writing other parts of the manuscript, providing additional input/support with the review process, proofreading and final review of submitted manuscript).
  • Provide a ‘refreshed search’ if time has elapsed prior to screening citations and manuscript being written.
  • Upon Request and at the Informationists’ discretion:
  • Assist with screening of title/abstracts and/or full-text.
  • Collaborate at a national/international level conference or on a national-level guideline.
  • Advise on compliance with NIH Public Access Policy.    
Co-authorship 40-60+

SR Team Publications


Manuscript Acknowledgements

Jeremy Kupsco

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